December 13th, 2001

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Are you a Bitter Hermit?

I am a marvel of science. None has ever been discovered like me before, and for that, The Bitter Hermits are grateful. They will be taking membership requests later in the year. Cost is $1,000,000 per year membership and 3 years indentured slavery to each current member. I think it's more than worth it!

Chance I would leave my home voluntarily: ?
Chance I would leave my computer voluntarily: ?

running, bomb tech

Too Fucking Late

I was up until midnight last night having a little chat with Jennie, who shall henceforth be known as Sabrina.

I like collecting good friends, I really do, especially when we can agree about men.
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Testing, one, two, three....

I knew I'd aced the C++ test on Monday morning. What I hadn't anticipated was exactly how thoroughly I'd aced it. 100%. Of course, it was a no-code test, and immediately upon getting it back I spotted some typographical errors in the flowchart, errors that don't mean much on a student test but would mean headaches and hours of tracking down every damn instance of the mistype in a real job situation.

This is my first serious C++ class, though, so I think I'm ahead of the game so far.
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