December 15th, 2001

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morning, evening, day.

Work got out early Thursday. Hours are pinched. Bad for paycheck!

Wound up at school ten before six on Friday. Been showing up early. Darkside has been surprised.

Worked on Stats project and did not touch my beloved C++. Much unhappiness there. Darkside can be distracting.

In Accounting, Van Zwol presented the tale of why you never go to the McDonald's in Payson... and since it was covered in class, it will be on a quiz or test some time. Class was roaring with laughter.

Adam came home with me. Much fun was had.

As soon as Votania came home, she and Nephew and I set out on an expedition to find a new coat for Nephew -- the zipper on his old nasty coat (from Grandma, don'tcha know, two years on loan and still oceans too big and as ugly as ever; Grandma wants it back now, even though it's broken and bashed-up) is broken -- we took the bus to Goodwill; took the bus back to the mall. Nephew's been hyper lately and not minding what we say. He's learning, though.

Came home, checked mail, chatted online and on phone with Adam, crashed.

Many odd dreams.

Today I work eight hours.
running, bomb tech


Adam visited yesterday, Friday.

I still have a case of the sniffles (nothing like what I was feeling Monday through Wednesday, but still not perfect) so there was not much in the way of kissing.

I am improving my foreplay skills. Adam is improving ... in all areas.

On his way home with me he called his Ex, who is leaving town for a month. I turned aside and made an ugly face. Just the mention of the woman gives me the creeps. I have been careful to present to Adam the politeness towards her that I ought to feel. Just because I am suspicious of her and don't really care for it when he spends large amounts of time with her (or, for that matter, small amounts, but that's just getting paranoid, and probably justifiably so), that doesn't mean I have to speak in derogatory language about her in front of him. I can be perfectly civilized ... and I can be rude in the politest way possible, sometimes. You can tell it by the way I go all formal and correct when her name is brought up.

We had our fun, or much of it ... and then Adam called his ex again! Naked, sitting on my bed, on his cellphone.

I did what any right-minded woman would do in that situation. You can't risk revealing that he's not at school like he ought to be at that hour of the day (yummy two extra hours off, whee!) by saying anything in the background, so what do you do? You don't talk with your mouth full, sooooo....

I'm evil, you say? Good.

After that, more fun.

I may not be a double-E T student, but I can still make a few electronics jokes.

Later last night, Adam did say a few things about the Ex that relieved my mind some. He's being cautious with her, he said, and he thinks Sabrina is more attractive overall. Does "I have yet to say to her 'I love you' " (when referring to Ex) mean he's going to say it at some point in the future? I ... can honestly say I hope it doesn't mean that. He does realize that Ex has some major issues going on with her... I'm just hoping he does retain the common sense to keep from getting sucked in.
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If you take a meme to the forest, and shoot it where no one can hear you, will everyone still start doing it too?

[edit: it has been brought to my attention that my original phrasing is a little off.]

If you take a meme to the forest, and shoot it where no one can hear you, does everyone then start doing that too?
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Hey, guarder of dreams and healer -- you're a magician. You've been one for a while. Now you know it. Use your powers for good.

In Life's Name and for Life's sake...
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All your C++ are belong to ME, dammit! ME!!!

Helped a EET out in lab the other day. He was trying to program a program in C++ that would output various properties of a resistor if you entered things in. He was getting 38 errors or so every time he tried to compile. Adam was helping him. Adam got him down to 8 errors, but the 8 errors all looked to be the type that you're going to have to make more errors before you make less errors.

Keep in mind, I knew what I was doing on this problem already because I'd already helped another EET student downstairs with the same bit of code, only that guy knew mostly what he was doing.

This guy was worse than clueless, and had Adam helping him out. Baby programmer that I am, I barged right up and acted officious.

The first thing that I spotted was that he'd defined the data type Resistor. Cool. I looked to see why it was coughing up errors.

I believe the line of code I found looked something like:

int res R[10];

....Hello? .... I asked him why he'd put it like that in his code, and explained how one properly plays with user-defined data types. "I had it like that because he said so," the guy said, indicating Adam, who was trying to look busy on the other side of the lab.

I marched off, found Adam, explained the error of his ways to him, brought him back to the computer of his hapless classmate, and smacked him around publicly.

There are just some things you shouldn't make the compiler try to eat.
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Geese mate for life.

...and our goose just died.

My family, the part in Alaska, has, or, more precisely, had, the most interesting variety of pets. We didn't have a farm, precisely, but we had chickens, and ducks, geese, gerbils, the odd fish, and my sister's horse. When my sister finally left, my parents were left with a few chickens and the pair of geese, Toulouse and Friendly.

Friendly was named Friendly because she was. Toulouse wasn't named Friendly, because he wasn't. That's the way ganders are. They hiss and grinch and flap and look at you evilly if you look crosswise at their goose the wrong way.

My mother tells me that Friendly died recently. I'm going to miss her. They just have the gander, now -- the chickens have all died or been given away. I miss Storm, the chaos chicken. I miss Dragon. I miss Hematite, and Onyx, the matching little black hens, one shiny like hematite, one black and glossy like onyx.

We just have left Toulouse, the widower gander with great lumps on the bottoms of his webbed feet. He can't walk far these days, but he'd patiently follow Friendly around wherever she went, no matter how much his feet hurt. I don't know how much longer he'll live.

Of all the sounds the geese made, I loved best the gentle sounds Toulouse made when talking quietly to Friendly.

A widower gander by himself....
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E-mailed aunt for fruitcake code
e-mailed mother for holiday buns code
poked nose into finance office
e-mailed mother regarding why the F* they hadn't cashed her check to them yet.

Check school for lost calculator
check house for lost calculator
check school for lost tarot deck
check house for lost tarot deck
compile holiday bun code received from mother
clean room
re-arrange room
put away laundry
do another load of black laundry
assemble desk
assemble Votania's computer
partition Votania's computer
install nifty things on the win98 half of her partition
install my C++ IDE
burn things to CD
write on my novel; add the things that have come to pass on paper but not yet electronically. Beth teaches Rose to shield.
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The cold has moved out of my sinuses mostly, and into my chest.

I shall be coughing for far too long. The coughs feel painful and sound worse; Votania thought I was puking my guts out when I was only hacking my lungs out.

Herbs. Herbs and hot tea.