December 16th, 2001

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Schnapp out of it

I'm not sure how coherent I'm going to be tomorrow, but i'm going to make a damn good try of it. Invited Jase to the Yule celebration, the public and non-religious one, and I think a good time will be had by all.
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searching for bits of orange shattered crystal to build a mythril jacket. Weaving a tower out of live snakes. The cocktail onions referred to in the French version of the spell are symbolic of the witches weaving the tower, their terrified faces at the huge snakes that they have to control. Darkside theorizing at lunch on the college of the witches' campus, with some of his classmates. Shrimpy steals the glory; I tell the true story.

The snakes are huge, and the telekinesis is a group effort to hold them up and knot them together. The tower of snakes blocks the stairs, and you have to work around it in order to get to the second level of the tower; the snakes will bite and have venom and lava and steam chambers inside their huge bodies. The head of one is T-rex sized, knotted together in a breathing, pulsing, slithering mass of sheer sourcery.

Calculating how to best do this work of art has to be done beforehand, with a clear map of the snake and his danger spots.
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The cat climbed the cardboard brick fireplace, jumped on top of the VCR's, jumped to the shelf, knocked over the bamboo in its glass, killing it through dehydration by the time Votania got up, shorting out the VCR in the process.

Will we still have a cat by the time I'm supposed to be awake?
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If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Modest Mussorgsky.

I am a Romantic period psycho who's drunk more often than not. I died of this affliction, not surprisingly. My famous works include "Night on Bald Mountain" and "Pictures at an Exhibition."

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

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Wet pussy

Looks like the cat paid a visit to the shower for getting bamboo water all over the VCR. No Sunday morning cartoons for Nephew: TV has no reception.
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Slightly Conscious

...and been that way for about two hours now. Nephew woke up, was crying, and wound up in bed next to me. The cat came along too. Nephew was awake and bouncy, so breakfast was summoned. I also conjured a pot of hot tea (peppermint, echinacia [yes I know I mangled the spelling], lemon, and honey). We have been slowly meandering around the house. Nephew's been bouncing off walls and occasionally coughing or sneezing. I turned up the heat.

He wanted a bath, so I'm letting him have one -- very warm water, heat up in the house, keeping an ear out for trouble, occasionally adding more warm water as what's in the tub cools off. I closed the blinds so our little household nudist won't be flashing passers-by when he jumps out of the tub and decides to run around naked for half an hour before we can catch him and dress him.

Apparently everyone in the Capulet family goes through the nudist stage, which means we're going to have to start keeping a close watch so Nephew doesn't start undressing in public, which is apparently the next fun thing he'll try if he goes by the stages of development as put out by Votania's family.

If he ever tries it at school, though, we're still going to call it "skyclad".
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Votania and I already have our costumes for next year's Halloween planned out.

I'm going to get blue jeans and a pale blue shirt, and glue, Velcro, snap, staple, pin, or otherwise attach white puffy clouds to my outfit. I will wear our gold sun ornament from the tree on a cord or chain about my neck.

Votania will wear navy blue or black, and snap or sew or Velcro stars on the outfit, and wear the silver moon ornament from the tree as a necklace.

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Did something mildly scary...

I wrote to my sixth grade boyfriend. Nice kid, interested in the supernatural. Wonder what kind of guy he turned out to be?

Hope I can reconnect with some of the old friends I lost touch with.

Now, to look for L*...
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It feels so much nicer to rest my hands on my computer and feel something akin to what I feel around Darkside.

I love my computer, and I love Darkside.
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Adam, Sabrina, and I are figuring out where we're going with this relationship. He was trying to make sure I didn't get too attached to him, but I'm attached anyway.

The last time I tried to share with someone, to share a guy, I wound up holding my shattered heart in my hands.

This will be different.
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