December 18th, 2001

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Crisis 7: Aftermaths

The carpet stinks. It's partially dried now, and it's stinking severely. My brain has taken Godsmack's "Voodoo" and is trying to filk it into something called "Mildew."

My back hurts like fuck from yanking the buckets of water the wrong way. Neighbor owes me a backrub. I think I'll hit him up for it soon.

Nephew, upon going to school this morning, announced to the world at large, "It rained in my house yesterday!" He's going to have a story for a lifetime with this. I don't begrudge him the experience.

They say they'll be doing the cleaning relatively soon. I hope so. We have company coming on Friday.
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When they stop the drum machine and I can think again

I slept late this morning, until eight. We had a test in Stats at nine. My calculator, T'Lera, is still unaccounted for, and ditto with my favorite Tarot deck. I borrowed someone else's calculator for the test, then went to the dollar store and bought a very cheap calculator that beeps but has square root.

Darkside and I worked out our plans for the movie.
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Fellowship of the Smackdown

Darkside and I are going to watch The Movie together in twenty-four hours, twenty-nine minutes.

We made plans: we leave school at some point after class, drop my books off at my house, get lunch, go and see movie. No plans for after the movie.

Darkside's sole concern is that I be able to contain myself with my excitement over the movie, because he doesn't want to have to tie me down and gag me. "And don't think that!" he said, before I could think that, and then when I turned a strange color, he grabbed me by the throat.

Swirl of trenchcoat, and he disappeared into the classroom.

"You won't have any problems with me containing myself," I told him, skittering into his class and kneeling down behind his desk, eye-to-eye with him as he sat waiting for the teacher to finish with the whiteboard. "I don't usually have out-of-body experiences."

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I think I'm going to wear my black swirl skirt with the crimson and cream designs around the hem, for the movie tomorrow. There's a hole in the skirt somewhere, but it only reveals a bit of my leg. Black swirl skirt with velvet shirt, also black. I intend to look spiffy, even if it's not a date.
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Ritual for the successful finding of T'Lera
Ritual for the successful finding of my deck
Clean room
Construct second computer desk
Move bed
Set up ENKI
Install programmage on all computers
Re-string some of my lights
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Quickie free user-style survey:

For tomorrow's event, with swirl-crinkle-skirt and black velvet shirt:

Stompin' black boots


spritely suede slippers?
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So we're doing a tic-tac-toe board for our final in C++; yesterday we worked on displaying the board and the element numbers for each square.

I worked out an alternate way of calling the vertical and horizontal line functions than the teacher showed us. The VB teacher taught us that we ought to feel badly when rewriting code over and over, that we should do things differently -- so I worked out a bit of code that I think I could work into a reusable code, the function that I will work up as "Alternate" -- very very simple.

Using Alternate, I did some for-loop indicator black magic and got the element numbers to display without use of static variables that get reset each pass through.

Ron's way works too, of course, but mine is slightly less comprehensible, and more elegant -- mine does it automatically.

Of course, there's probably a reason his needs to work, but I'll still keep that one line in there that's my original thought, and test it each run through to see where it fails.
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Hi there, I'm STEVIE NICKS, went my train of thought..
Hooray! I'm STEVIE NICKS, vocalist and tambourine-ist of Fleetwood Mac! I'm very caring, generous, loving, and sweet. I enjoy twirling and banging away on my tambourine with the occasional wail. I'd give to charity any day of the week and if one person gets hurt, I'd call off everything to aid him. Too damn bad everyone thinks I'm a witch, though :\

I wail/bang away on songs like "Gold Dust Woman," "Sister Of The Moon," and "Edge Of Seventeen."

Which member of Fleetwood Mac are you?

I'd take out the "too damn bad" part, myself...
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