December 24th, 2001

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I feel like there's a large gap in my time.

Was that ever a party, though.

I'm still very tired, but now that I'm awake I might as well make a few notes before they all disappear.
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How I spent my winter vacation: Friday

Friday the 21st of December was Game Day at DeVry. Not sure quite whose idea it was to let gamers have access to games on the network and in most of the labs, but Adam was busy cut-and-pasting pics for an advertisement for the DeVry wallpaper, and I recognized his spelling on the paper ad in the classrooms. He had CD's burned with downloaded demos of many popular games, quite a few nice first-person shooters and so forth, and it was a much-anticipated event. He volunteered to keep the Cholla lab open two hours later than scheduled, just for gaming. Administration apparently had no problem with this.

Votania and I showed up at school early with Nephew for a bit of a Yule celebration with Darkside. We'd hacked together a nice bit of filk on the walk to school (Nephew is growing up fast; he's already embarrassed to hear Mommy and Auntie filking sometimes) and when Darkside finally arrived, we sang it for him:

I love Yule
Yule loves me
We're a witchy family
With a great big tree and a blessed-be from me to you
Won't you say gods bless me too?

Darkside turned bright red.

Votania and I had collaborated on our gifts for Darkside. I'd gotten him a tarot deck, the Dragon Tarot (the same one that Votania and I have and like the most), and circumstances wound up so that Alan got him a crystal pendulum keychain. From the way the keychain fit in his hand and looped over his finger just so, I'd say that Votania was dead-on when she mentioned that the crystal had said that it was intended for Darkside. Votania had gotten Darkside the book that goes with the Dragon Tarot. I made sure he opened the gift from me first, so he'd still be surprised by the book.

Darkside is still head-over-heels for Votania. You can see it in his eyes, and every motion he makes near her is, as ever, focused on her. Anyone who has been convinced that he could love me has never seen the way he looks at her. All the universe of his love has been bound up in her, and until he finds the way to unbind it, he's forever hers, whether she wants him or not. (She doesn't want him, not that way.)

When the intensity of it got too much for me, I folded my hands together and put my head down and stopped responding to queries from the outside of my head. I tried to concentrate on rebalancing my own energies, but the overwhelming feeling of loss was just too much. I didn't cry. I couldn't. There's something vastly wrong that feels too huge for my present skills to contend with. I need to find the right angle of attack, and when it's shoved in my face, it overwhelms me....

I messed around online looking up useful computer information rather than hacking away at my C++ project directly. I feel that it was worth the time spent, gaining a greater understanding of the universe at large.

C++ class was fun and informative. I can't remember everything that was discussed, of course, but I always adore that class. Ron gave out one of his trademark unannounced quizzes, and the class groaned -- and then started giggling when reading the questions. It was a quiz so preposterous and silly that the only way you could fail this quiz was

a) on purpose
b) not speaking/reading English
c) not having a sense of humor
d) not being in class.

That last, of course, was the reason for the quiz.

Among the questions was "C++ is:"; among the answers for that one were "a) a programming language", and "d) a way of making your head explode".

I know I missed one question -- the one where he asked that we write our names IN BLOCK LETTERS (or in small letters, or in a combination, or in Roman Numerals). I wrote my name in the Elder Futhark.

Accounting class with the inimitable Van Zwol was up next. He also had an attendance quiz, something we'd covered in class:

"Bad" is defined as:

a) bad cells
b) exploding cells

At this point, one of our FA's, Bryon, quipped loud enough for the entire class to hear, "Van Zwol's spelling," as Van Zwol had been having an inordinately difficult time spelling "exploding."

c) Bryon's grade
d) All the cells in your body exploding at the speed of light

The answer is the Ghostbusters standard, D.

Van Zwol's class let out early, and I meandered to get my paycheck from work.

Statistics was a game show variety activity, with silly questions, and a few extra credit points (for showing up) as prizes. My group tried valiantly but came in at fourth place out of six groups.

After Statistics, I wandered to the Cholla lab to see what was up with Adam, and to see if teenagewitch had shown up.
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Vacation: Friday afternoon

Collapse ) I went and got my paycheck in the bank. Votania and I did some more cleaning and cooking.

One of Votania's old friends brought his PS2 by, and Nephew got to play with some of the games, especially the disk with the Monsters, Inc. demo on it, which also had Sesame Street Sports as a demo, and a Hot Wheels Racing demo.

As we hadn't had the opportunity to review the Yule observation as a group, we did this before beginning. It was typed out on my laptop, so after appropriate editing to fit the requirements of those present, we placed the laptop in a place of honor on the altar.

Shamash, our cat, elected to participate also. He's such a huggable bit of animated fur, and so beautiful and creative.

Darkside had given Nephew Shrek, so we watched that after the observance of Yule. I got a call from Adam, right in the middle of the movie, and he was rather upset. It seemed that he had seen Sabrina home on Thursday, since she was so generally weakened from dealing with this asshole of a stalker, and he'd stayed there perhaps longer than he ought to have. His parents, especially his dad, had not reacted well to his having violated the terms of his restriction (21 years old, and grounded for grades!) and decided to set up rent, and fines for the next violations. Adam was most unhappy.

I leaned on Neighbor watching the movie. Neighbor is a wonderful big pillow with fluffy hair.

We all finally crashed around 2 in the morning.
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Saturday started off slower than Friday. Nephew woke up early.

Votania and her old friend spent most of the day cooking. Only one of Votania's other guests, an old gentleman Votania had met at work, showed up, and even he didn't stay for long. Neighbor came back; he had had to go home to sleep, because he was leaving for New Mexico to see his parents at 20:00 or so on Saturday. He came back with his travel bag, to spend time at the party before leaving, and also to have use of the phone for the Super Shuttle -- his phone's not working, thank you very much Qworst. (They claim nothing's wrong. If nothing's wrong, then how come I get a "number not connected" message when calling?)

Collapse )
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Collapse ) Adam and I tried to get some fun in.

No such luck.

First, Votania lost her wine cooler, and we searched the house high and low before we found it in a place it shouldn't have been.

Then, Votania had to use the internet all of a sudden.

Adam and I crashed.

Now I'm going to crash some more.
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There are certain things you don't ask for, not even from major magic workings. If you go to a place where someone works, and then expect to not see them there...

The most you can ask for under those circumstances is that they not bother you, whether "not bothering" takes the form of them not coming over and talking... or the form of you not really being bothered by their presence.
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Girding my loins and doing my laundry

Adam helped me pick up some of the scatteredness of my room. Right now laundry for both me and Votania is washing merrily away, and I'm chatting with D.C. in an attempt to prepare myself mentally for the Holiday Ordeal™ ahead of me.

I go to the Capulet household tonight with Votania and Nephew. I guess that leaves Adam to fend for himself. Votania and I return sometime tomorrow, but Lady Capulet (Votania's mother) keeps Nephew for another day to give him his Christmas with Grandma event.

I may chicken out and stay home. I'm not sure.

I hope Nephew's biodad isn't there. Just in case, I'm going to pack a pen or so along with me. The pen is mightier than the sword...
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Grouchy headache stay the fuck out of my way

It's one of those days that goes from bad to worse. I'm not in any sort of mood to deal with anything other than my own bed. I want to get my laundry done, I want to go to sleep, and I don't want to have to deal with anyone or anything, especially not evil satanist wimpy pissants.
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Once more into the breech...


Votania's mom is here and will be leaving with us in a few minutes.

This is going to be interesting.

Pray for me, in whatever tradition.