December 30th, 2001

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Warm, soft pussy in hot water

Shamash is in deep trouble. Nephew left the door to Mommy's room open when he woke up this morning, and Shamash got in. Votania's got all sorts of plants in there now, and the little bugger decided that he was going to drag them around the room.

Fortunately for him, he picked the plants that were sitting in water, bare roots, and I was able to scoop them up in what I hope was time before they dried out.

The cat also got watered. Now he's locked in my bathroom, crying. He hates baths, and he hates time-outs.
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Was posting an entry, and LJ created an error and would be closed. Dammit. This is the first time that's happened to me.
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I happened to be using the spell-checker at the time it crashed. This could have contributed?
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True Love? Like? Lust?

teenagewitch says that on Wednesday the 19th before Darkside and I went to our "non-date", when we were all in the computer lab, that this is what was happening:

While Dawn and Sabrina and Neighbor and I were talking, Darkside was working on the computer. He kept stealing glances over his shoulder at me, and then having to adjust himself before he forced himself to turn back to the computer.

I did not see this. I have no idea whether it was actually me he was looking at. I hope it was...
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This is starting to piss me off.

Here's the situation so far.

First of all, I'm angry. I'm terribly angry, terribly pissed, and ready to wallop and/or kill something or other. Well, not technically. I really want to smack somebody around, though,


That is the sound of somebody whacking at the protections on this temple.

Did I mention that whatever's up is messing with the mind of Sabrina's soon-to-be cousin, who now hates me, Adam, and Votania, sight unseen?
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(no subject)

do you have any useful tidbits on smacking the fuck out of nasty entities on one's doorstep?

We know where, but not what.

Argh. This is pissing me off.
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Gods of LJ, hear my plea...

Don't, please don't, fuck up right now. Now is not the time to do this. Now is the time when I need LJ whole and functioning.

Yes, I could do this on my own. I'd really rather not, though.
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99.2 F. That's pretty damn hot for me, especially considering as my normal temperature is somewhere around 97.6.
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What the fuck is up...

...with LJ tonight?

Seems like every moment I'm trying to get something done, things are fucking out on me.

Stress? Perhaps.

Not having a particularly good day today.