September 8th, 2002

running, bomb tech

Reading through back entries

I think there's more of me in this journal than I thought there was. Those years of high school, though, when there was very little of me but a pair of eyes and a pen to document what went on about me, those were surreal.
loud fayoumis

Speaking of ass-bastards...

I was doing dishes, plotting the grumpy /friends/non-local filtered post I was going to make about the mother of marxdarx, who seems to be doing things on purpose to make his life miserable, mostly in a passive/aggressive bitch-fit way, when the clotted drain-clog of pubic hair, smeg, and soap-scum that marxdarx is displeased to address as "Father" in the odd moments when they are addressing each other, called.

The sneaky bastard preyed on Marx's well-known inability to lie and weaseled his schedule out of him, in hopes of getting to see him sometime.

When Marx mouthed to me who this was, my hand flew for the disconnect button. Unfortunately, Marx glared at me in time to have not completely hung up.

Marx and I chatted after the conversation with the scumbucket was over, and I exploited Caller ID, called back to the number which Scumbucket had called from, verified that the guy on the other end of the phone was in fact Scumbucket, and told him that no one in this household wished to have any contact from him again, EVER.

His mom was the one who gave out the number. Scumbucket is manipulative enough to get people he's abused in the past to give him information. I'm not going to allow anything funky to happen here on my watch. I've discovered that in the face of tense situations, I get the adrenalin-surge -- and I react fighting.
loud fayoumis

Dagger comes out with adrenalin rushes.

And she stays out. She sounds remarkably, in some ways, like Votania and DC. She doesn't seem to realize that some relationships are evidently worth something to someone, even with all the drama, and will Take Steps to whack out unhealthy ones. This does include insulting other people's parents for them.
running, bomb tech


Ahh, The Fellowship of the Ring. This was Votania's first time watching it. She so saw the potential for hobbit-slash in there.

You know what I want to read? The VSD of the tentacle-monster in the lake.
wild rose


I'm watching her try to not fall apart from all this. I can't do anything.

I love you, Sis.