September 10th, 2002

wild rose

Random initiative for peace on Wednesday

Random Lunatic is contemplating the disorganization of a small, sedate, demonstration for peace. There wasn't one planned in the first place, to my knowledge, but anything planned by me is disorganized rather than organized.

There really wouldn't be much to it. Print out a few peace signs, possibly superimposed on an image of the Earth, then sit in something resembling a circle (or an ellipse, or a triangle, or a scattered cluster, or a Great Big Mob) in the middle of the DeVry courtyard (great place to Circle!) praying for peace. Bring along a sack of tea lights.

Spoons for noses would be strictly optional.
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Some of the last of the cute 5-year-old things

Today's the last day for cute five-year-old things from Nephew. Last night he came up with quite a few of them.

votania got Shamash a rattly, fur-covered mousie-toy, and 'Mash has been having a blast with it, tossing it up into the air and catching it, and running around all over with it.

Last night, I overheard Nephew talking with Shamash, holding his hand on the toy, which was lying on the floor. "See, you hold it, and you point, and this is how you click," he said, demonstrating. I wonder if Nephew's even seen a real live mouse; he may only have ever used a computer one.

Later, he decided it was time for me to go to bed. He pulled blankets over me (we have random large chunks of polarfleece lying around the living room) and announced, "Go to sleep, you young lady!"

Votania and I cracked up.

This was the situation that led to my having the pillows piled on top of me. I like it when Nephew and I get to have fun together. It reminds me of times when I had fun with my father. He wasn't around enough (neither am I), but I do have good memories with him, as well as the bad ones that made me terrified of myself during my teens.

We'll probably gang up on the dishes this evening, which should be entertaining. Votania gets off work fairly late, so I will probably be in charge of dinner. I'll go with earlier successes and serve the vegetable course first, to make sure it will be eaten...
wild rose


godai called last night; talking with him was fun. He grouched about a recent "business" experience, and babbled about a really good game. I was hardly awake enough to be holding coherent conversation, but I needed to talk with somebody.

I'm low on the snuggles, and I'm very very picky about who I snuggle with. The cat's always a good option, except for the fact that he devastates anything he touches -- just like Mommy, heh.
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RPG manual silliness

It's being a quiet morning. Darkside and I aren't talking much, mostly because we're both absorbed with our own things. He did, however, find this. Anything that involves "tweak[ing] the nipples of propriety" is fun, though perhaps not especially useful for work.
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Mmm, lunch.

Headed out for lunch with Dawn. Talked over a number of happy things, including wedding plans, her team's webpage project, Darkside's opinion of my shorts, the current personality and health states of evealone (she recommends crackers for morning sickness), and so forth. We had fun.

It's nice, having friends.
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Ashford gave clue that he considers the class his enemy. More later. He really ripped Kerry, Duck, and Jimmy new ones.
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Household Good Things

Evidently, the reason why the garbage disposal doesn't work is because it is not wired right. Ooops. My toilet seems to be working now, though. Jamie the manager-person and the maintainence chick came over, and the toilet was fixed, and the garbage disposal was diagnosed. Evidently Tony is to come tomorrow and get the disposal fixed. I hope it gets fixed, but I hope to avoid Tony.
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Preparing to Party

...Votania's working late. I'm doing laundry; Nephew's watching Harry Potter, because I'm getting a little burned out on Spiderman, as cool as he is.

The housecleaning tasks have fallen to me, since Votania's getting some needed (but unwilling) extra hours in.