January 3rd, 2003

running, bomb tech

Earth Angel

I could wish I were perfect.

I could wish that every little bit about me that makes me interesting, that could possibly annoy someone, were smoothed away.

I wouldn't be worth spending much time with, then, though...
running, bomb tech

To be aware:

It my well be my adoration of Darkside that keeps my house of cards pointed in a unified direction.
running, bomb tech


In fifteen minutes, I will no longer have a teenage boyfriend.

My yaksha42 will be 20!!
running, bomb tech


Woke up late. Read. I seem to have read that particular book about the atevi and Bren before. Snagged breakfast, then lunch. Went out shopping for necessities with Grandma and Guide Dog Aunt. Came back home; realized we'd forgotten the avacadoes. Went back out. Came back home. Made a delightful fry-up with leftovers and mushrooms and things that were lurking in the refrigerator. London Broil. broccoli, mushrooms, cheese, green onion, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar, yum. Watched Shakespeare in Love. Fun movie.

Got online.
running, bomb tech

On the phone with Dawn

Called Dawn this morning to confirm what the hell is up with wedding plans. I go, I do stuff, I have fun, basically. And I show ID at the gate.

She asked me if everything was all right, because I am not my usual happy bouncy self on the phone to her. Well, of course not. Would you be either? I'll be sharing more details at some other point, but I'm functionally all right. And it's too late to call Darkside. And I can't unwind that far in front of Grandma.

Stuff is going on. Stuff. She's not all there. I told my father. He knows how much to worry, now. And that's a rather lot.