January 5th, 2003

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Dawn's Wedding (part the Third): Cake and Tears

Feasting and happiness followed. Dawn's ex-stepdaughter (hell, I'll just call her Princess Aurora) and I hit it off majorly. There were exchanges of address around the table; Darth T. Rex and I both whipped out our palmtops. His is running the Windows palmtop OS, which froze on us when Princess Aurora was trying to type something in. Mrs. Darth T. Rex wanted me to know that if ever I needed a movie buddy, she was without one, now that Dawn was out of town, and that I would be perfectly welcome to team up with her to see movies.

There was socialization and fun and lunch. After the majority of lunch was over, the DJ started matters up, and the bride and groom had their first married dance. Their song seems to be that Disney one about Beauty and the Beast. "Barely even friends... then, somebody bends...."

There were tears. Mrs. Darth was crying, more than just the few tears my handy-dandy hankie had taken care of after the ceremony. It would have been nice if Dawn's father had been alive to see this day... I rest assured that some bit of him was present, at the very least in the hearts and minds of those present watching.

The cake was cut. Dawn and Dave fed each other pieces with due decorum. The cake topper was delightful: glass, with Belle and the Beast. Lovely. I was delighted. They did not get frosting on each other. Chip came up, and Dave and Dawn made as if to smash cake into his face, but stopped at the last instant and fed him tidily.
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Dawn's Wedding (part the Fourth): Garters and Roses (Or, In Which The Lunatic Hits The Floor, Hard)

After the cutting of the cake, guess which traditional activity comes next? Dawn and Dave made their way to the dance floor, and then all single males were bidden to come to the dance floor.

Music started, and Dave was dared to not use his hands in removing the garter. He got the garter off before I could find a good vantage point to watch the proceedings, but I did not miss the next bit: Dave turned his back to throw the garter. It flew through the air... and the man for whom it was heading jumped out of the way.

The garter hit the floor.

Take II, after appropriate ragging of the groomsman in question. (He later revealed that he was a Druid, of the variety that can't get married, by their office.) Somebody or other caught it.

Next up, all single women were called to the floor. I stood in line with Princess Aurora, many of the other bridesmaids, and Darth T. Rex's two girls.

Dawn turned her back to us, brandished her roses, and snapped off a single white bud. She tossed it over her shoulder.

I felt my fingers close around something softly firm.

As I looked at the rose in my hand, and everyone clapped and cheered, my knees decided that they'd had quite enough, thank you, and I became seated.

Photos were taken, with the garter-catcher and Dave and Dawn, and one helpful woman with a digital camera showed me the moment of my catch. I was greatly amused.

As I walked back to my seat at the bride's table, I was quizzed as to whether I had someone in mind. I smirked. Mrs. Darth asked me whether I was still with that one fellow. Which? I asked.

Well, he was just a little shorter than I was...

I evidenced cluelessness.

He'd been there with me at Dawn's graduation, Mrs. Darth clarified.

"Ohhhh," I said, light brightening above my head. "Darkside. Blond. Skinny. I gave him rose, he hit me over the head with it."

It was the same.

"He and I have never been together," I told her.

It was her turn to look surprised. Evidently he and I have chemistry together.

I knew that, I said. So did every-bloody-body else... but for Darkside himself.

Mrs. Darth wished me the best of luck.

I sat there with my rather battered white rosebud for the longest time, grinning. I felt... kissed. Still. Always.
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Dawn's Wedding (part the Fifth): Disco & Chocolate

Dave and Dawn handed out the favors, yummy See's chocolates, in choice of raspberry or chocolate. Miss Darth Junior wandered around giving out bubbles. Much fun was had.

Cake! Cake was mostly white, with buttercream frosting, and strawberry and chocolate mixed in. Oooh baby. I want cake like that!

Righteous boogyeying followed. Princess Aurora and I came to the agreement that Olivia Newton John sucks, although the part of me that will always be Mona harbors a secret liking for her music. I proceeded to bust both knees a little by dancing my heart out to "I Will Survive".

After partying was accomplished, the party wrapped up fairly well. I departed, with Dawn's love to convey to everyone, especially the Temple denizens and Darkside and ralmathon, and chocolates to give to same, with the exception of Dawn's cat-boyfriend Shammash-cat.

I wandered to the place where Guide Dog Aunt was due to pick me up, and waited with my book, tired and happy and be-rosed. Damn good wedding.

It makes me want one of my own.

But not now. Not soon.

Someday, perhaps.
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Descriptions of Men

I have taken to describing Darkside to Guide Dog Aunt thus: "Dried pickled cactus... with a sweet creamy center."

She, therefore, is not exactly entirely sure what I see in him. He's crusty and he's sour and he's prickly.... but, for those few who are able to get past that, sweetness follows.

No damn wonder there is a prediction out that he'll be very much alone.
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Dawn's Wedding: General Sillinesses

Princess Aurora and I teased hell out of poor Chip. His corsage got a little damaged in the course of the day, and the white rose, instead of standing proudly up, drooped at an alarming angle. Several people pointed this out to him.

"That happens to men, later in life..." I pointed out discreetly. Howls of laughter.

This happened both times.

The last dance saw both of us without partners, so Princess Aurora grouped us together. We plotted bloody revenge upon her for about thirty seconds, and he was then distracted by my necklace.

Note to self: When asked what the necklace means, it's a discreet inquiry about religion. I picked up on that this time, and instead of going off on symbolism, stated my religion. He'd thought so, but it was best not to assume.

I trotted out the line about the garbage disposal, and we proceeded to have a rousing conversation about coffee: Liquid Satan, Death Swill, Life Swill, and Joe Black, and the making of same.

All in all, things were excellently fun.
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More amusements...

...Pulling out the palmtop and discussing the Palma Sutra with Princess Aurora, who was very knowledgeable about the whole thing. She has her mom to thank for introducing her to the Kama Sutra books...

...Also, shared a few "gory details" with Dawn, who has nothing but amazement for my exploits. Kept it vanilla, though, for the bride's delicate ears. Hail Eris!
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Polls: giggling!

Poll #89289 All right, enough with the giggling...

How obvious have I been about the precise cause of my spate of Eristic giggling?

Very obvious

Poll #89290 So... why?

Why do *you* think I've been giggling about Eris?

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Poor Deacon...

Trista, the German Shepard guide dog trainee, is back. She's 9 months old, and has just gone into season.

Poor Deacon... she's decided that he's the hottest thing on four legs, and has proceeded to start humping him. She climbs on top of him and does the pelvic thrusts... onto him when his back is turned... onto him when he's facing her, so she thrusts her crotch into his face...

Poor Deacon.
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Eris: 2, azurelunatic: 1

The score was standing pretty well even at last update on the stituation. Everyone who knows why, knows why.

TODAY, though.

Today, I was reasonably sure that boojum was going to show up. Planned on it. Had hoped that she'd show in the morning, but no such luck. So I went to the room I'm sleeping in, got out a book... finished the book...

Half-dozing, my mind wandered interesting places. So interesting, in fact, that I wandered over to my backpack and got out a certain item that I'd brought with me primarily for the amusement of Security...

I was happily busy when Grandma's voice sounded through the door: My friend was here! I did some hasty shutting off and pulling up of pants... and Grandma opened the door.

At this point, mind you, I was sitting on the edge of the bed preparatory to standing and buttoning and zipping my jeans. I pulled the blanket over myself...

Grandma clued in that this was perhaps NOT the best moment to have opened the door.

boojum and I decided it was time for a walk, and we giggled over Eristic Item #1, as well as Eristic Item #2. She, of course, knew about #1 from certain clues that were, to her practiced eye, somewhat less than subtle.
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How fun...

...an Intervention.

Am hoping that she'll be a skilled enough Operator to get anything out of this.