January 7th, 2003

running, bomb tech


rainstorm13: Oooooh, pretty! Must remember to send yours your way.

sithjawa: All of them? *snerk* I had to look at the shipping date. Are you precognitive or something? *snerk* I'll send yours... <rolls eyes at self>
running, bomb tech


greyowl: Damn, everyone in those filters (the ones that boojum is also in and must therefore also know stuff) must know. ...Or the mutual friends must be laughing their asses off or something.
running, bomb tech

I Shall Prevail!

The damn computer needed to be taught a lesson.

So I played with radio buttons.

It should dial a connection when there isn't a network connection. Durrrr.
running, bomb tech

Poll (finally remembered what it was)

Poll #89670 The One Smackdown

A girl catches a bride's bouquet. Her boyfriend wants to give her a jewelry box, which proves to be empty, with a note saying, "haha, just kidding". You advise him:

Yes, good plan.
No, not good plan.
HOLY FUCK NO! You want to be ALIVE tomorrow, right???
running, bomb tech

For the record:

greyowl is right, though the poll in question is viewable only to me, mua-ha-ha! Only ... not quite right. The reality, sadly, does not quite approach the reputation. But was close. Very close. But for Eris. GHAAAAA!!!!
running, bomb tech

Cat/turtle interface

Shamash got in trouble today for playing with the turtle... playing hockey, that is.

Bad cat. Puck off!
running, bomb tech

Back in operation...

I'm home.

Home isn't a place, it's people.

But it's also familiar things and operations. It's knowing the steps to the bathroom at midnight. It's knowing which way to turn the faucets. It's knowing which is trash and which is necessary, with a small margin of error, and knowing who to ask if it falls within that margin.

I'm home.
Azzcalm, Quiet


Phoenix area pals: Roommate search for othercat.

In her words: You know anybody who'd like to share a 700 sq. foot one bedroom apartment with a snarky, sometimes ill-tempered, fannish, slash-writing occasionally lazy "full moon" pagan?

With an excellent sense of humor, I might add.

Ideas, people?

[Edit: Apartment has counter space in kitchen. That is all.]
running, bomb tech


Home. Game music in background. Cat. Kid asleep. Stuff.

I'm happy.

What a lovely day.

Tired as hell, though.