January 8th, 2003

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*sigh*, soul-bearing

It's really unfair to drag a man through all this with me... one who might be falling head-over-heels for me.

...A lover, no problem. A boyfriend.... well.

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Mmmm, fraternal/sororal giggliness

ralmathon (who is attractive and single, ladies take note!) came over to play Final Fantasy 8 on the PS2. We had a comfortable gossip about stuff that he wanted to hear about. Evidently my hands and tone of voice are very expressive when I am inarticulate with lust. Mmmm.
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Gender, polarity

moominmuppet has been having interesting thoughts on gender of late.

Being interestingly bisexual, I have gender expectations for relationships, and things that I do well with. Collapse )
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Something's not right.

I'm upset and I don't want to see anyone, talk to anyone.

I needed more time to recover, after coming home...

I haven't gone to school yet. I need to. I can't, not right now. I don't know what's wrong.
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Again: Bah.

Yahoo seems to have been having some problems. The messages are showing up in my inbox just fine, but the notifications to the messenger have been going astray... and now they're taking the plunger to the server, and messages that I got yesterday are whizzing in now.


I'm amused.
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I need to adjust to being human, to being me, after being in Earth Angel mode so long.

Yakky accepts me as I seem to be, as he sees me to be. Darkside Knows me as I am.
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I really can do anything, can't I.

I made a snide comment about walnuts, and wall-nuts: the nailing of various portions of anatomy to walls...

So, of course votania had to do that... grab some photos from the net, and digitally manipulate...

Trouble, though. She had the nail... but could not find a proper penis to nail to the wall.

I found one in three minutes.
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I love my family: Uncle John's Curse.

Uncle John (technically my great-uncle) would say this every morning: "Shit shit shit. Shit crap and corruption. May prostitution prosper, and sonofabitch become a household word."

I remember how Storm would stop every morning walking out of the henhouse, look around, and scream. I think that those two might have gotten on with each other...
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I Am

Which tarot card are you?

Spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination, hidden power. Link between seen and unseen. Balance of positive and negative forces. Receptivity. Unseen guidance.
A young woman sits on a throne holding a scroll labeled "Tora" meaning "law." On her breast is the sign of the meeting of heaven and earth, the Maltese cross. Her crown is the full orb supported by horns, the crown ofthe Mother Goddess Isis, who rules all things changeable, shown by the moon at her feet. Her power, upon which her throne rests, derives from the creative principle of duality, shown by the two pillars of light and darkness. To those who know and love her she dispenses the sweet fruit of the world itself, symbolized by the pomegranites.
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Somebody's feeling toxic tonight.

Yakky let me know that one of my classmates said that I'd missed a midterm. Told him I was feeling too lousy to care... and if he nagged me about it, he'd be feeling too lousy to care too.

Yep, a palpable threat.

Threatening my boyfriend is not a good way to go.

I'm grouchy and angry and I don't want to be touched and I don't want to be around people... so of course I asked him to come over and give me hugs. Because that's one of the very few things that sometimes works...
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The place where Nephew had been going, every now and then recently, and more frequently in the past, ever since we've been living here... he will no longer go there.

One of the kids was talking cheerfully about a bong, and... that's the sort of friend we don't need him making.
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Hehe, advertising problems.

So a while ago, I went to click on an intriguing ad panel in Yahoo... and the damn thing gave me a run-time error.

I'm a geek. So of course, I prod at it a bit, and finally go to the manufacturer's website and tell them: Your ad with Yahoo Mail intrigued me, but when I clicked on the Flash advertisement, I kept getting a JavaScript run-time error. You may wish to check with Yahoo about their implementation of your ad: Yahoo tends to have things open in new windows, and this may be an issue.

Silence follows, and I've nearly forgotten all about the incident. Then, I get an e-mail:
Thanks very much for letting us know. We believe the problem has been corrected and hope your next experience is better. Please let me know if this happens again.

Ryan Drey
Interactive Communications
Global Brand and Communications

Hewlett Packard
P: 281.927.8775
F: 281.514.7611
e: ryan.drey@hp.com

I was amused.
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Interesting thoughts.

How does the feel of a scientist-mage differ from the feel of a mage who is artistic, or religious?
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Welcoming frameacloud to the insanity. I popped in via /friendsfriends and left a note... nice to find friendly writings around.
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Defined: #5

#5 is also known as Montezuma's Revenge, and other things that are not pleasant, having to do with sitting on the Porcelain God, and wondering how much intestinal lining you're losing this time.

Ice cream is a common source of #5 for me, if I eat it without remembering the happy milk-friendly pills.