January 9th, 2003

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I think somebody's blushing.


In other news, Galadriel was very wise.
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Heh, heh.

Baring my teeth at someone while making out with them leaves them often just the slightest bit... unsettled.
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Good sex last night.

yaksha42 slept over. We've decided that the only way to do this is to spread out the futon on the floor: otherwise, I get uncomfortable and grouchy.

Much fun.

Glad I don't have class until 8.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


So far as we can figure out, quite a bit of Nephew's acting up in school is due to him wanting to make it more fun. So he creates some chaos, gets in trouble, and then has been lying about it when he gets home. Fortunately, today we learned what's been going on, and are trying to work on stuff.

Explained why lying was bad, using the example of how I'd told him the truth about his vaccinations, that it would hurt, but he had to do it, and it did hurt. But what if I'd told him that it wouldn't hurt at all, that it would just tickle? Then, every time after that I would say that something wouldn't hurt, he'd think I was lying. I think that got through. Told him that now we would have to check with his teacher to see if he was in fact telling the truth about how school had gone.

Also let him know that if he had outright told us that he hadn't made his day at school, and told us what had happened, we would have talked with him and worked with him to fix it, and he would have gotten in trouble, yes, and grounded from video games -- for that day. Now, he's grounded from video games for a month.

Over all, the family conference went off more as "we're worried and want to help you be a good boy and your actions have consequences" than "You are in so much trouble, mister." And, as always, we closed up by telling him that we loved him very much and we wanted him to be the best boy, and the best grownup, he could be. And I told him about how I'd gotten in trouble for being mean one time.
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Call for Betas

Not Betans, nor bettas, but betas. Besides sithjawa, who's already become entangled in the insanity.

Anyone want to proofread and make critical suggestions to a bit of silly Harry Potter fic?
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So I have Malfoy spitting out exposition and fuming, about how the plot came into being... what happens next?
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...there are 'other problems along the way'
(ref. The status of LiveJournal:

At 3:44 pm EST on Thursday, January 9th, Admin jproulx writes :
From lj_maintenance:

We're going to be taking the Chef Cluster (Where am I?) offline while we rebuild the indices from its database. This should take care of the "Duplicate entry xxxxx-xxx for key 1" errors a lot of people have received today.

Estimated time to fix is about an hour right now, if there are no other problems along the way.
) from http://status.livejournal.com

LJ is more down than a $2 hooker with the blues.
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English test. Probably did at least half of all right.

Should probably go home to finish the third load of dishes (oy...) and put away laundry and put away stuff from my trip and stuff.

And talk to sithjawa. <azzgrin>
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My boyfriend leaves tomorrow morning for a con in Nashville. Hope he has fun.

Lots of fun. ~_^
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Evidently I have an 'English' face.

The Viking's over. He's working on his resumé. I was asked to proofread.

I walked in the door wearing my giggle/lust-dizziness face. votania handed me the paper. My face changed. Evidently that's my English face.