January 10th, 2003

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Coming together

Despite everything, despite how separated and uncertain bits of me are, I'm coming together, and coming to understand the things that happen inside me better.

Not unbreaking, but assembling the fragments into something more interesting.
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Tiny fragments of amusement

This morning, while walking to school, I saw a male, shaggy, more than somewhat grungy person of approximately my age, give ten years and take three, walking uncertainly down the sidewalk. The usual plan is for both parties to pass quietly.

This morning, though, the rather uncertain fellow inquired, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Yes," I answered promptly and without excess thought over it.

This was evidently not the expected answer, as Mr. Uncertain visibly stopped saying something that he'd been planning on saying: the follow-up line, evidently. I walked on.
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I miss.

"Take care of yourself..." [...this is the point where I say something sleep-garbled and incomprehensible...] "Right, you never do..."

I guess I must have sounded like hell to him.
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Yakky says:

"Weeeeeeeeee! Nashville is fun! :P"

So I guess he got there all right, and is proceeding to tease the piss out of poor Hallah [his roommate for the fun and games there].
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I think what I said was "Remember who you're talking to."

He worries. And he sounds lonely.
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Archived bio

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...I miss sithjawa. That much giggling at once should probably be illegal. But it's fun. Much fun.

With or without help from Galadriel.
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We're raising a gamer...

Nephew got what I think was his first experience with a tabletop RPG (well, ok, floor-top) this evening.

He wanted to go in Godmode.