January 11th, 2003

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water im external keyboard far less bad for laptop. chocolate covered cat not good eithe.
running, bomb tech

In the phrasing of sithjawa, "Oh, nast."

Slow leak under sink == puddle under sink. Extreme nast. Removed puddle via bucket and assorted cloth devoted to the purpose of cleaning up stuff of this type. Added bucket under drippiness. Called office; left message.

Did the dishes that had been lingering there since sometime yesterday after foolishly believing that Marx would get around to it as he'd intended.
running, bomb tech

Last night, this morning:

Last night: Talking on the phone was fun. Talking on IM was fun. Whee! Much giggleage, and some flirting that would have been far more outrageous if I hadn't been so tired, but given how tired I was and the person I was talking to, flirting was only the natural thing to happen. (You already are advised of the situation, Yakky, and you have given full permission... so you know who I'm talking about. <azzgrin> No, I don't have a photo. Yet.)

This morning: was awakened at the outrageous hour of 8 by the alarm clock. votania had already been awake for a few years, and most of the rest of the household with her. I waited until a sane and logical 8:30, then woke up Darkside by calling.

He hadn't expected me to interpret 'Saturday or Sunday morning' quite that literally; 'morning' is anything before noon. His waking-time varies, depending on how much sleep he needs.

He's sweet when he's sleepy, sometimes, though. I think it boggled his world that I have a boyfriend. He doesn't expect me to get those. Some of the events of vacation were, I think, a bit much for his brain. Told him about the mental image of the dried pickled cactus with the creamy filling. He was disappointed to be only a mildly prickly cactus and not, say, a teddy-bear cholla (this, after he pointed out that someone with a tongue-full of spikes could hardly taste sweet creaminess) (and, of course, 'mildly' prickly when it comes to cacti is subject to some interpretation....)... He was glad to hear that Dawn sent her love and should be having honeymoon fun about now.

I think I'll call back, somewhat later in the morning, tomorrow.
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Added bucket and logical then woke up Darkside by the events of the household with the person I waited until a sane and of the rest of vacation were, I waited until a tongue full of the mental person natural thing to cacti is anything before noon; Slow leak under sink puddle under sink; puddle under sink puddle under sink. You have been far more outrageous if I was only a sideways tongue rock! Last night. By the some flirting was and logical then woke up Darkside by calling; making a rock! Dishes are getting done, at writing my least.

-- azurelunatic
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Bizarre dreams (not even mine)

What does it mean when your dear best friend is trying to play a video game, but your boyfriend keeps butting in and trying to play the video game too, and then they get pissy with each other over it?

Marx had a weird dream involving lots of large rooms, identical copies of me and shammash, and lots of drama. Lots.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


This morning, there is a lot of shooting.

Yesterday, Nephew and I figured out that the reason he'd pitched a fit in school was because they were asking him the same question over and over, and he didn't know it. Hope he'll remember that a better way to deal with it next time is to say, "I don't know that yet. I want to learn it."

Also learned what some of the problem with the numbers was. Practiced 2's with him: he had the bottom part down fine, but was drawing the top as a stick instead of a hook. 3's were trickier, and 5's worst of all. He kept writing 3 for 5 and being frustrated.

We finally figured it out, though. The way he did 3, it was the flat-top kind with the slanty line before the semicircle bottom, and 5 of course has a flat top with a semicircle bottom. Showed him a 3 and a 5 sitting next to each other, and circled where they were different, and he GOT it! We were both happy, and gave many 5's.
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Added to Nephew's conceptual space the idea "My mind knows what I want to do but my hand doesn't know how yet". Very frustrating, but maybe now, less so, if he can give it words.
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!= nast

The red-headed maintainence witch showed up to fix the nast. Yay!
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Temple planning...

We hacked stuff out. They went to store for reprovisioning.

Stuff will be better.

Conferences, while sometimes stressful, can be good.
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Mmm, yummies.

Teriyaki steak done medium-rare. Yum. And fixings for homemade chili one of these nights.

Tomorrow at some point, I am plotting at making some steak/egg/cheese/stuff mixups in the frying pan, just because I can.

Damn, avacadoes would be good in that.
high energy magic

I'm glad...

...that this Advice thing goes both ways. I'm an extra set of senses at a remote, and I have perspective to Understand things that other people may be too close to pick up on.
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Oh, that feels so much better.

We sat down and talked about stuff some more.

And we'll do it again the next time something comes up.

As Cordelia would say, "Communicate, dammit!"