January 15th, 2003

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Any perfect one-pillar virtue is also its own tragic flaw, when the virtue is perfect in a human. A perfection of a severe virtue, or a perfection of a merciful one, will either one of them ultimately destroy their holder.

One must have both pillars of the virtue, and seek balance in the middle one in order to avoid tragedy.
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Cardinal Virtues of Craftsmanship

To recognize good work; to delight in its beauty.
To take rightful pride in one's own good work: to know one's self capable of creating good work, recognizing the good work, and delighting in it.
To delight in the good work of others.
To encourage others in their good work.
To delight in good work surpassing one's own.
To aspire to create good works surpassing those of self and others.
To recognize and delight in the time and effort put into works both good and substandard.
To recognize and encourage the capability for improvement.
To know and acknowledge one's own areas of strength.
To know and acknowledge one's own areas of weakness.
To know and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of others.
To improve weaknesses in self and others.
To delight in, maintain, and nurture strengths in self and others.
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Harry Potter #5 coming out on the Summer Solstice!

Guess I know what I'll be getting myself, and then letting Darkside borrow for his birthday. :P
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LJ Wankery Soap Opera

Well, fandom_wank is no more. wanktastic is no more, after being brand-wanking-new for replacement purposes...

Anyone with inside dish on these issues (what's happening, who's wanking what, et cetera) is invited to dish about it! Curiousity, yadda yadda yadda.
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History repeats itself...

"Owww! This creature bites!" --yaksha42 at age 5, about a pair of pliers or something (feel free to correct me as to exactly what it was, dear...)

"Owww! This creature bites!" --yaksha42 at age 20, about azurelunatic

[Edit: it's 'creature', not 'thing', and it is a pair of pliers. Was. Will be again... :P]
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Giggling about stuff. Very tired. Observed to Yakky that his clothing smells like cat piss.

Understand that I am tired enough to not censor very much to people I know and trust. So he made the "Damn, but I just washed this" noises. And then he makes the "Oh, so that's what the dishwashing liquid was" noise.

I giggle, "So you wash your clothes in the dishwasher?"

This leads to more discussion, including the concept that underwear has to go on the pots & pans cycle...
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