January 18th, 2003

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Had a dream about traveling around the country with some people: a road trip. We were going to meet up with starbrow and/or sithjawa (the "and" is some funky combination of the two into one person) in Seattle.

And then there was a boat, and the old captain and first mate who had been arrested for mutiny and/or treason were on there in cold storage in case a storm came up because they were the only ones who could handle the boat for that, and there was, and they came out, and sure enough they took over the boat, and then we had to rescue the whales (that looked like giant pickles) trapped in the hold.

Oh, and there was a doctor's office, and I met some old friends who'd been living in this apartment complex all the while: Cha and Zhu Li, but it wasn't them, it was the other couple who were their friends...

It was mixed and odd.
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1337 stuff

Got home in time to configure Chronos' IP address to talk happily to the network. Got it all set manually, and then proceeded to screw it up by trying to make it do itself automatically. So I had to go back and do it by hand again. Had to read my A+ Bible in order to figure out where to go to set the IP address, though.

I am so not ready to be a network admin...

Somehow, though, I have it running.

Now, to set up Neo...
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Moving the room (from a conversation with iroshi)

[19:41] AzureLunatic: Oooog, I'm sore.
[19:45] Irohawk: Dare I ask? ;)
[19:45] AzureLunatic: Sure.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: Moving the bed.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And the desk.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And the bed.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And the other desk.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And the other other desk.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And the file drawers.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And all the bloody bedding.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: And the bloody 3-ring binders.
[19:45] AzureLunatic: Oh, and the bed.
[19:46] Irohawk: //snicker//
[19:46] AzureLunatic: On the bright side, there will now be room for some severe fuckage *on* the bed...
[19:47] AzureLunatic: I have a multicomponent bed: two mattresses, one box spring, one futon, lots of pillows. Oh, and couch cushions.
[19:47] AzureLunatic: Each thing requiring separate moving.
[19:47] AzureLunatic: And a thingy to keep it from smashing the outlet that the ceiling lights need to plug into.
[19:49] Irohawk: //giggle//
[19:50] AzureLunatic: And of course the thingy and the big desk are the exact length to fit on the eastern wall of the room...
[19:50] AzureLunatic: which does not allow for a plug in that outlet...
[19:50] AzureLunatic: Which means bad things.
[19:50] AzureLunatic: So of course there is a power strip plugged in there now.
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