January 21st, 2003

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Woke up unaccountably sad because my bed doesn't smell like Darkside.

Bedtime for Fayoumi

Once, Calico and Aurora were in the house. Narcissa and I had constructed them a bed, out of Constructs and doll blankets and little squares of pretty fabric, and they had been tucked in to get some sleep. We'd laid them on their backs, with the blankets pulled up under their beaks, and they looked so cute. We dropped curtains down so that they could get some rest, and left them there.

It came time to go to the Suzuki violin group lesson (it was a Thursday night), and we were packing up to leave when someone heard a happy, sleepy trill.

Calico and Aurora were still in their birdie-bed. They'd flipped themselves over, but they were still sitting there, happily clicking their beaks, looking sleepy with relaxed feathers. If we hadn't heard them trilling about being so warm and happy, we'd have left them in the house while we went out.
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Uninvited party guest

My parents had the tradition of throwing great big parties for the Winter Solstice. The year we had the chickens, Mama got me and Narcissa together and made us promise to not bring in any chickens for the party, because we had people visiting who were not used to the idea of chickens as pets, and besides, chickens were rather messy, and we would be too busy having fun to watch them.

All was going well, and the kids were upstairs, and I was perching downstairs with the grown-ups for a while, when I saw FatherSir put his boots and red down vest on and slip outside. This was a That's Unusual for me, because when he went anywhere quietly he was up to something, so I watched, and when he came back in, he went right upstairs, with a suspicious lump under his vest. And he came in quietly, too, and didn't look at anybody.

I trooped upstairs after him, quietly, and discovered that the lump under his vest had been Aurora, the quietest of the two special pets, and the prettiest. She was given a pillow (from Mama and FatherSir's bed) to sit upon regally, and was petted and made much of.

Mama came upstairs sometime after FatherSir had gone downstairs, to see how things were going, and immediately reminded me of my promise to not go out and get any chickens. "I didn't!" I protested. "It was FatherSir!" FatherSir was consulted, and given intelligence that Mama had planned this to be a humans-only party. The guests, even the non-chicken-loving ones, were impressed with Aurora's calm under fire, as she sat there quietly, occasionally making queenly orders in her high, brittle voice.
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doctorpepper has made me discover that comparisons of the form "X is like Y" can be improved by the phrasing, "X is like Y, only on fire."
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Made English happy and stuff. Told yaksha42 that yes, there were issues, yes, I was aware of certain triggers that I was not comfortable discussing at the moment, and yes, if ignored it could become a problem: and I didn't intend to ignore it.
running, bomb tech


Last night and again today, I'm resorting to melatonin supplements to get me knocked on my ass.

I've been pushing myself in non-obvious ways, and it's showing.