January 22nd, 2003

Azzcalm, Quiet

Perchance to actually sleep...

yaksha42 spent the night: this is where having a large bed comes in handy.

I am not a comfortable person to sleep next to. Anyone who has shared bedspace with me can testify that sheets/blankets for each party are not a luxury, but a necessity. I toss and turn and require far too many pillows, and cannot abide anything over my feet when I'm going to sleep, and only allow myself to be touched at all, even the slightest bit, when I'm in the mood for it, which is not when I'm tired.

Or, perhaps, I wrap myself around anything of about the right size to be hugged in the bed: other people, blankets, pillows -- in addition to my lightsaber, which I will not allow anyone else to touch.

Last night, Yakky was on the far side of the bed, and there was a mountain of pillows between us. I could reach far out and hold his hand if I wished -- or, more likely, curl up in my pillows and dream...
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running, bomb tech

Quote of the morning (from doctorpepper):

"...Lay off or I'll educate you all the way to college! I'll educate you to college and back! I'll educate you so fucking hard your ancestors will found Harvard!"

He is worth the reading, by the way. amberite pimped his journal to me, and therefore I now pimp his journal, because it's cool. It's become friends-only, so leave a comment if you want to be added after reading the earlier 'free samples'.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


...ralmathon is over to watch the little monkey-fayoumis in the X number of minutes (X = 30 to X = 90) between the time when I leave for class to the time when marxdarx gets back.

ralmathon is fun, and probably still owes me backrubs.
horny, Divine Oscillations

You know you have a dirty mind when...

You see the phrase "There's no catch, get started today", and you read it "There's no crotch..."

The little construction worker with the orange vest and the STOP sign didn't look nude...
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horny, Divine Oscillations


Got out early from Demland's class today. Learned with amusement that ISO9000 compliance means that as long as your crappy procedures are documented and adhered to, then by all the gods, you are bloody compliant!
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy


yaksha42, my incredibly sweet boyfriend, wore his "I fancy Joan/Joan fancies me" necklace to school today. (I wore my complementary one this morning, but took it off when I had my afternoon nap...)

At any rate, he got some questions as to who, exactly, this 'Joan' was. When he revealed that I was a CIS major, one of the guys got huffy. Evidently he'd been trying to score with a CIS chick for some time, and then Yakky, who hadn't even been trying, had just had this delicious prize fall into his lap...

Amusement was had by all, except for the guy with the lonely wang.
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