January 26th, 2003

sad, greensad

Still tired...

...Not much happened all day, other than the meltdown and scrubbing the turtle tank, and cracking it, and housecleaning, and lots of Ayn Rand.

Oh, and Dawn called.

I'm very tired, and not sure why I'm still here...
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"The Pillars of Magic", title approximate, author unknown
running, bomb tech

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Pedro is a suppository that cannot be removed from your house!
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy


So there's this cute yellow bubble-envelope in the mail, and I know from the return address that there's something interesting in it, and I open it up and see ...

... an AOL cd folder.


But wait! There is a note written on it!

"I just used this to protect the real CD."

I fall over laughing and have to show my roommates, who are suitably amused.

Inside the folder: Honor! Squeeeee!
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running, bomb tech


yaksha42 spent the night. No nookie. Got to sleep way late.

marxdarx's mom, brother, and Hippy Dave came over. There was lunch. Yakky stayed. There was a little bit of Little Fayoumis fussing over the content of lunch (corned beef, potatoes, corn, soda bread); I think this is due about half and half to the flurry of grownups present, and to the unfamiliar content. Mostly he's been going with PBJ these days.

The scheme of raising hands to talk served well at lunch, with the grownups regulating their own conversation without need for that, and Nephew stepping in with the handraising and speaking when I watched the conversational flow and found a pause for him to do so. Had to raise my own hand once to turn the control back over to the grownups after a long long story. No fusses, though, which was excellently good.

Took several naps after lunch. Am finally awake.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Knock Knock

Nephew's gotten into knock-knock jokes lately. We don't know too many. We need HELP!

What we need to do is replace his favorite one, which is this:

A: Knock knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Foot.
B: Foot who?
A: Foot fat toilet! <hysterical laughter>

yaksha42 shared one that I'd never heard before:

A: Knock knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Interrupting cow.
B: Interrupting co--
A, interrupting: Moo!
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pretty, Francine


Nephew is really getting into the whole RPG thing. It's cute. This afternoon, after Yakky had gone home (after some very fun stuff that was very fun, the sort of fun that happens with the webcam off) with the intent to graphically tease his single roommates, Nephew spent a few hours playing Hero Quest by himself, with something akin to the actual rules.

We're raising a gamer.
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sad, greensad


Tomorrow is dentist, at 0730. Much fun to be had by all.

Shall make sure that my teeth are completely unconscious.
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