January 27th, 2003

sad, greensad

Fun fun.

Going to crash out very soon. Shutting down computer for the night. Needs to reboot anyway.

I miss Darkside so much. It feels like I'm always lonely, even when I'm with people that I shouldn't be lonely around.
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pretty, Francine

Why, how delightfully fun!

The first thing I did this morning was restart my computer. How fun. Then I took a shower. The next thing I did was wonder where the fuck the network was.

No time to fiddle: time to go see dentist. Listened to NPR on the way. Much fun to be had by all. I like the idea of the UN better than I like the idea of the US, in how it's implemented, these days.

Saw othercat while I was getting off the bus and she was getting on. Hailed and waved.

Got four teeth drilled & filled with a minimum of agony.

Came home, and discovered that it was kinda Tigereye's fault, because I had her set up to automatically get her IP address, and that wasn't really happening. So I set her up manually, and now she's doing just fine. Well, she started getting packets... but no net.

So I rebooted Enki.

That worked.

Half my nose is still numb.
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pretty, Francine

Superbowl Report

Needless to say, I didn't watch it. I watched it in 2001, when the Late Mr. Potter (tardy, not deceased) assigned it to us for business class: watch the commericals. I sat with my laptop in my favorite chair in the living room, with my tunes cranked through the headphones, and turned off the music when the commercials came on. When the display switched back to the game, I continued writing.

I think I was hacking on the bit where rosalynde re-encounters her First Tragic Love in the bar...

Instead of watching this year's stuff on TV, yaksha42 and I enjoyed Collapse ). His plan was to go back to his apartment and talk happily and loudly with TMI about the fun he'd had while they were watching the game.

All his roommates are single, see. It's rather grating upon at least one of the roommates to wrap his mind around the idea that Yakky has a girlfriend. "So how's your girlfriend?" he asked the other day, then shook his head and said, "That just sounds wrong." Evidently, Yakky is too geek to have a girlfriend.

I am amused.
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pretty, Francine


No more Route 666?

Aunt-Fayoumis and I took that road on our epic road trip, for great justice and fun, and so we could say that we'd been on it.

It's a long, hilly, bumpy road, and there aren't rest stops or much in the way of anything. I had to piss in some bushes, but emerged without ant bites. We had fun on that trip...
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I boot down, and boot back up again...

...well, not really. Just moving Enki, who is the internet server for our network, which means

... that somewhere in the whanging around of things, I got something disconnected. Dammit.

Oh, wait, that was the network switch that I unplugged. Wooooops. That was an easy fix, though...

In short, the living room is in the process of rearrangement. Enki has been moved to the dishonoured position of server-sits-on-the-shelf, and Marx's Chronos has taken over Enki's old desk. In the process, stuff was found and grumbles were griped. What's reasonably operational and very clean to one person is grimy and unacceptable to other people...

Result? Instead of grumbling and griping when things are cluttered and dirty, standards will be actually set down as to what, exactly, constitutes "dirty and cluttered" before we blow up the bomb.

Also in the process of moving stuff, I managed to break the sewing desk, which Chronos had been sitting on. This led to a higher amout of yelliness, which resulted in everybody taking a chill break.
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pretty, Francine

Afternoon, evening

Went out shopping to Sam's. Returned, with potato chips for Marx, chocolate chips, summer sausage, plastic baggies, chunky peanut butter (let's only open ONE at a time, this time...) and black shirts.

Black T-shirts, just plain black ones, are some of the most difficult things to come across. I got four. Plus two new tank tops, also black.

I am happy. My new radio works as planned. I bellowed "Goddess bless you, sir!" back at the yelly guy advertising Jesus at the bus stop. I felt I needed to speak up for those of us who wear all black and stars, and represent the non-asshole ones amongst us, as the young punks at the bus stop were hollering imprecations back at the designated spokesman of Christianity for that bus stop.

Now, back at home, I put things away, maybe even do laundry, and am generally happy. Dinner?
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loud fayoumis

LJ password scam

There's a scam e-mail going around trying to get people's LJ passwords. Don't respond: it's a scam. Full story
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documentation, writing, quill

Arthur Conan Doyle's "To An Undiscerning Critic" (many props to the HoIF folk for digging this up!)

"To An Undiscerning Critic"
Arthur Conan Doyle, 1915

'Sure there are times when one cries with acidity,
'Where are the limits of human stupidity?'
Here is a critic who says as a platitude
That I am guilty because 'in gratitude
Sherlock, the sleuth-hound, with motives ulterior,
Sneers at Poe's Dupin as "very inferior"."
Have you not learned, my esteemed communicator,
That the created is not the creator?
As the creator I've praised to satiety
Poe's Monsieur Dupin, his skill and variety,
And have admitted that in my detective work
I owe to my model a deal of selective work.
But is it not on the verge of inanity
To put down to me my creation's crude vanity?
He, the created, would scoff and would sneer,
Where I, the creator, would bow and revere.
So please grip this fact with your cerebral tentacle:
The doll and its maker are never identical.'

There are some people out in the fandom who despise authors because of the attitudes of their characters. Particular pet peeve: thinking that Lackey hates Crowley because her Fire Mage Guy dissed him. It was perfectly in character for the guy to do so. There is someone who everyone on the List knows who needs to wrap her head around this. I haven't the foggiest what Lackey thinks of Crowley -- and neither does anyone who reads that book and doesn't hear it out of Lackey's own pen writing as herself.
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pretty, Francine


Doing laundry. This time, I think I may even be productive and put it away tonight! Or not. But I will endeavor to sort it out into its component elements, that they may be put away as time allows, without having to dig through it all and waste motions.
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Men, and laundry

Shadow: Doing laundry.
yaksha42: hehehe
yaksha42: I have to do that tomorrow morning
Shadow: ahhh.
yaksha42: Unless you want to do mine for me ...
Shadow: Ummmm. Riiiiiiiiight.
yaksha42: /me ducks from flying objects
Shadow: You mean the monkeys that are now flying out my butt?
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