January 29th, 2003

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It's nice, having a boyfriend.

Gotta call Lady Malfoy tomorrow, work out stuff. The pathworking this morning helped some, but not enough.
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Stoplight Whammy

Once upon a time, there was a little group of Practitioners fondly known by their looniest member as the Circle of Chaos. (The one time, the one guy had called up a ball of chaos and set it loose in the cafeteria... we made him put it away. He pouted.)

In that far-off, once-away time, the senior and most experienced member of the Circle, and the default leader, because not only was she most experienced, she was also Alpha Bitch, taught the beta male and the beta bitch how to whammy stoplights green.

This wsa cool, until the beta male started using it too much, and the Alpha Bitch ran into an unnatural string of red lights. She got annoyed, divined the cause, and proceeded to contact the beta male and chew half his ass off for overusing the stoplight whammy.

The beta female and the beta male (and the Alpha Bitch) all laughed their asses off.
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy


There are some things that don't get talked about, just around.

I think this might be one.

Hail Eris.
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Clause for a healthy happy relationship:

"I have responsibility for my well-being, and you have responsibility for your well-being. Your well-being is important to my well-being, so if there are any places where your well-being is not being well, it is my responsibility to point out to you and try to help you fix if possible/necessary; my well-being is evidently important to you and so that clause is reciprocal as well. These properties belong to each of us, and we are stronger in ourselves when we are watching each others' backs." --me, from chat with sithjawa
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Azzcalm, Quiet

"Duuuuuuhhh" moments in mental administration

So how many billion of the processes that Marah handles are outsourced, because she doesn't trust anyone in the Department to do them?

And are those functions tightly or loosely coupled?

Tightly, durrrr. So that it takes reprogramming to do them without Darkside, either actual or virtual. And I have a hard time insourcing it, because of privacy/judgement/perspective issues, and since it's a tightly coupled interface, finding a new outsource is a bitch and a half, either one that fits the coupling or hacking the coupling to fit a new outsource.

So then, when that task queue is left unhandled, because it's programmed for pauses when the outsource isn't to hand, it overflows if left too long, and Bad Things Happen.

I outsmart myselfves sometimes...
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Ghaaaa, developmental stages.

Nephew is doing the "But no one will play with me!" thing. He doesn't seem to be happy about people having other things to do than pay attention to him.

Right now he's coaxing shammash to play a ball game with him, and was crying a few seconds ago when he wouldn't.

I'll be playing with him (or them, if he convinces Shammash to join in) later on...
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Azzcalm, Quiet


We have two goldfish, now: Storm Blossom (the spotty one with the short tail) and Water Blossom (the silvery-gold one with the long tail). Orange Blossom got sick and had to get flushed down the toilet.

Storm Blossom & Water Blossom are big and hungry. When we got them, they were small. Now they are at least two inches long, if not longer. Both of them are always hungry. We call them the Sharks.

One of the sucker-fish disappeared, and so did the pretty male guppy. We're blaming the Sharks.
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Family stories: the Stomping Foot

Back when Mama was quilting a lot more, she needed a new quilting foot for her sewing machine. So she sent FatherSir to the store to get one. It was winter and snowy and she wasn't driving in that. She might or might not have been pregnant with me. It was before my memories; they told me about this when I was old enough to hear the story.

So FatherSir got to the store, drew himself up proudly, and announced to the young woman, "I require a stomping foot for my wife's sewing machine."

She had to go into the back room, presumably to giggle. But he got the "stomping foot".
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Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family

ralmathon is over to watch Little Fayoumis, and they are playing basketball. Stew is on. I found, somewhat to my momentary dismay, that what I'd thought was earmarked stew meat actually turned into last night's dinner. I should probably do something with the hamburger, too, but I think that'll keep until tomorrow. We can have burgers or something tomorrow, along with leftover stew.

Little Fayoumis helped with the vacuuming (again!) and also helped me sweep the kitchen and put the trash bag in when I took the trash out. He got three pennies.

I'm thinking that the next thing that someone needs to do is organize the tupperware cupboard again. And the plastic plate & cup shelf.
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