January 30th, 2003

Azzcalm, Quiet

Late-night wandering....

Am poking nose into random journals from home and saying hi. Haven't met anyone I know from home yet, but it's only a matter of time... wonder if Ace has a journal.
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Azzcalm, Quiet


The visit of starbrow went well, though Little Fayoumis has been needing lots of attention lately. He decided that she was a prime candidate for tickling, though he does need to be learning that boobs are not the best place for tickling, though they really ought to be ticklish...

shammash was extracted from his coiled nap and duly petted. He snuggled up, as he knows cat people when he smells them. He made a few quiet comments, and then trotted back to his nap.

hot_chocolate was swimming around happily. Perhaps he'd be interested in the fractional bit of Cobra remaining? One of us has got to fish that thing out of there fairly soon...

There was much giggling, and talking about stuff. Siblings! And Darkside! And romantic gestures! My bed is, evidently, big.

Been a fairly bleh day other than the visit. I was reading my friends page when an old friend IMed me, ordering me to take down a photo on my website. Asking, I don't have problems with... but she was ordering me. That's her style, and she's very hyper, forward momentum... and I ultimately snipped the last name from the description, which was cool for us both. I may later go back and change the name of the photo so that people searching on her full name won't get anything but archives... but I have trouble wrapping my head around the concept that people who are OK with having images of them with their names on the web will object to an early teenage picture of them having fun and hanging out with the gang. Evidently she looked horrible in that picture. OK. I really don't see the problem... nor did I really give a flying fuck.

After taking care of that, I decided to start working on some of my html homework on my own damn website rather than the school website, because I want to do things that will actually stay done. So I started doing that, and then the Little Fayoumis started saying that I needed to play with him. I told him I was doing homework. He said that I wasn't. This turned into some minor drama, and he eventually shuffled from the room, sulking that "html is not homework."

So: oy.
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