February 2nd, 2003

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Differences: Terrorism/Accident/Disaster/Occupational Hazard, Victim/Hero

What, exactly, differentiates the sudden upswing in interest in the space program that will enevitably happen after today from the sudden upswing in patriotism following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon for me?

I was vastly annoyed by all the sudden flag-waving after the US terrorist attacks because it was suddenly hip to do so, like you were encouraging terrorists if you didn't show support for your country by driving flag sales and t-shirt sales through the roof. I suspect that I'll be less annoyed by people wearing space shuttle pins. The number of people wearing the FDNY shirts annoys me less, for whatever reason.

I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I have a personal interest in space travel, and have always had it, and I recognize that other people have the same interest. Maybe because space travel is not easily linked to things like bombing the hell out of 3rd world countries.

Someone said something about the difference between heroes and victims. The victims of terrorist attacks are going peaceably about their own business when someone with malice aforethought strikes. The victims of accidents, of tortures, of oppression, of natural disasters, are going about day-to-day life that should, in that ideal world, be peaceful, productive, free from pain.

There is no escape from accidents, oppression, and disasters but a vast cleanup of the world, a time-intensive, labor-intensive, expensive endeavor. This should be done. There is no excuse for not doing it. No time. No money. Bull. Too many people just don't care until something smacks them across the face and makes them care.

Innocent people are the victims of accidents. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Heroes, on the other hand...

Heroes go into danger or potential danger, knowing that they might be killed, but performing their jobs anyway. Heroes put their lives on the line, either as a one-time special, or for their daily jobs like firefighters, police, astronauts. Heroes face danger to uphold safety and sanity, to broaden human potential.

Memorabilia honoring heroes does not disgust me. There are so many heroes that do not get honored; anyone who does gain recognition through acts of bravery likely deserves it. Memorabilia trying to turn a disaster, a fiasco, into a Great and Noble Moment, turn my stomach.

Finding the exact cause of the Columbia's disintegration will be a fitting tribute to the heroes who went down with her. Designing newer shuttles that avoid some of the design flaws that we know how to fix now: that is a fitting tribute. Not giving up on the space station. Never betraying the dream that they died supporting. The death of a mountain climber should mean that future climbers take more care to avoid any avoidable mistakes that the deceased made, and keep climbing the mountain.

A fitting memorial to those who died in terrorist attacks is not causing more death. It's figuring out what caused the shitty situation that makes people crazy-mad enough that they figure that killing people and causing mass destruction is better than living, and then taking steps to fix it that'll actually work, and not cause more resentment.
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high energy magic

OK then, that was odd.

So I'm sitting peacefully at my computer, and suddenly I hear a tink!-clunk sound from the bathroom, and I go in expecting to see shammash on the counter, but there is no cat in sight, just the glass top from my pretty bottle of lotion lying on the floor.


Either the cat, or we're getting poltergeist action.
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Would someone please explain to me why I am getting giggly, incoherent, and pink-faced just looking at one simple black-and-white photo?
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Ghaaa @ erotica


OK, so I'm sufficiently intrigued that I zoom in on the bitmap and find out that the photographer's name is Tanya Chalkin. Nowhere that I have looked, though, am I able to find the name of the cute one who looks to be a certain someone's face-double...
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...I think this is the hardest I've totally crushed on someone of the same sex since my first engagement.
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I really do think that I would be much happier if allowed to not necessarily adhere to a 24-hour schedule. Mine might wind up being 26-27 hours.
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No more tears...

Lit a black 7-day candle and added some glitter. For, you know, stars.

Life continues.
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There was a dream where we were supposed to be hiding behind locked doors to evade teams of strong men attacking with uncertain purpose. We think they were trying to capture some of us, but I haven't the foggiest why. We had all the curtains drawn, and retreated out of Grandma's living room, which seemed to be an annex to the back of our Phoenix apartment where the little old lady who lives by herself in 112 is.

And then there was stuff in the universe with the planes, trying to get in and out of it, and there was a marketplace and some sort of argument with the Weasley family? It was Ginny? And she was becoming a Protected of the King, and her mom didn't like it and called her a tramp so she ran away. And then either Fred or George followed his sister, he was at the back of the plane, and there was a happy reunion when we all got out of that nasty universe.

And then there was something about BJ, and I was headed to CTY and I needed a new backpack, and then the FBI investigator who was covering up that he'd adopted the kid I was going to be meeting at CTY 'cause we were friends, who'd written this book, and that he'd officially adopted this cat, but he was using the cat to cover up with the kid, and the investigative team came in the middle of the night and I was in the room where he was asleep with his wife and they asked what the hell this bag was and I said in the snottiest-brat Isn't it obvious you morons tone of voice I had, "Shower bag", like totally "In the fridge, duh."

And then I was headed there but it was Monday and Votania had her doctor's appointment and that was right after I was supposed to leave for the airport...

And then as we were figuring out what we had to do with that, I woke up.
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Iraq building a moon base

Ganked from wolfieboy:
The U.N. Inspection team released reports today that Iraq is building a moon base. This seems to be what they were hiding says Hans Blix, chief UN arms inspector. We were expecting something, but certainly not this. Hussam Mohammed Bismallah, Imam of the Iraqi space agency said that there will be a permanent Islamic installation on the moon before the godless Americans, God, who is all-merciful, willing.

The full article is here.
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Shopping, dinner

Woke up ~1600. Went with Yakky to the Temple of Consumer Electronics, where he argued with them about his RAM and got a replacement for what may or may not have been a 256 meg of RAM. The computer he stuck it in when he got it didn't seem to think so.

I got another cat-5 cable for the networking fun. I have Plans.

We then headed for home on the Last Bus, stopped by Trader Joe's to get some chocolate orange sticks (so much more decadent than orange jelly beans dipped in semi-sweet chocolate), and wound up at Denny's.

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