February 4th, 2003

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When I cry for those who have died achieving a dream, I cry all the more for those who will die never having achieved theirs. And I should work all the harder to make sure that more dreams are made real...
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Happy Birthday...

My father turns 60 today.

FatherSir's been a programmer for ages and ages. He got into computers before there was such a thing as a computer science course. He read punch cards. He damn near broke a variable-speed card reader when he found out that the cards could control the speed. This was after someone told him that there was no way his program could physically harm the machine... after telling an honest-to-gods engineer what he'd done, the engineer looked upon FatherSir and the guy who'd said FatherSir was incapable of harming the machine as two kinds of idiot: the computer safety expert for ignorance, and FatherSir for having tried it, knowing better.

I think I met FatherSir's first computer, once. It was bigger than a refrigerator and it had wheels inside that all this tape was on. It had blinking lights on it and buttons and I was scared of it, because I didn't know what it did: I just knew that it was big and might be noisy and might be dangerous. I must have been fourish.

I "helped" my father install his new air conditioning system for his computers. His office had a zillion of them. He did stuff with them. They were big and they had big monitors and they were shiny. He quit wearing jeans to work when he read something about Dressing for Success and started wearing shiny black boots and black slacks and pale blue polyester shirts (he called them "plastic pants") and discovered that it was better for his computers that he wasn't wearing clothing that shed as much. So after the sharpness phase passed, he still wore those outfits for the sake of his computers.

After a while, they had some grad students move in with him. He had an office, and he'd spent quite some time painting it pale green from the horrid 70's yellow color it had been. (I helped, and my bangs turned prematurely green from leaning against the wall injudiciously.) He installed rows of bracket-supports on the walls, and hung brackets and put shelves on them, to hold his 3-ring binders with all sorts of data and information in them. He hung a wide shelf as a desk, and there were enough electrical outlets for his needs. It was a beautifully organized space, with enough room for everything. He had a fun rocking kneeler-chair, and Narcissa and I played on that for hours and hours growing up...

It took a long and bitter time for him to leave the University. They were phasing him out, giving him less and less real work to do, and he finally (some years too late for the peace of mind of the house) took early retirement. There was a big party.

After he retired, it was a lot more peaceful. He began throwing himself into different projects here and there. He became unofficial stand-in grandfather to many of the local violin, GT, and horse kids. He took up ham radio. He took up the violin. He set up a second workstation at home, with his own computer Galumph, to play with electronic music things. (The kneeler-rocker is still around, sitting in front of either Guardian or Galumph, depending on who's using the computers.) He and Mama started arguing over who got to do dishes and laundry. He took over housework, because he could do it with more efficiency.

That's my father. Interesting guy. More than a bit of a 'character'. He raised me, after all...
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Aurora Borealis and office gossip

Anyone else ever hear of the Poker Flat Research Range? I heard a lot about it, growing up. For a while FatherSir was working out there. He talked about the stuff there, and how you couldn't drive on the road when they were doing a launch, and how one time they'd been moving the barrels of water protecting the blockhouse that the scientists hid in when there was a rocket launch, and how the bottoms had been rusted out and there wasn't actually any water in.

I got the gossip about the people around the Aurora Borealis research. Office gossip. Danny Osborne? We hung out over at his place. I baby-sat for Tom Hallinan's grandson. I heard about Neal Brown, about Akasofu, about the people down in the Seismology lab. Almost all of them are Old School, though, and have retired. It boggles me to surf the staff pages and only see a few of the familiar names. It used to be I could look at the staff in the Elvey Building and recognize names from the stories about work...

FatherSir seemed to be on remarkably good terms with most of the people he worked with. He made friends with many of the guys, and was friendly with the rest. He had a habit of declaring celebrations. He threw Solstice parties. One of his famous stunts was Hawaiian Day, which involved him wearing a lower-body wrap of loud flower-print fabric below his prominent Buddha belly, blowing on a conch shell, rolling around a cart with some variety of refreshment (I believe punch). Everybody knew him, more or less. He was a character. Still is, just not in the office anymore.

Sent an e-mail to the last maintainer of one of the Geophysical Institute websites because four of the links on their main page were down. Figured he'd like to know. He was one of the names I remember hearing. Identified myself as my father's daughter. It's a small state.
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Birds and Parties

After having Aurora Fayoumis crash the Solstice party, Mama told us that No Chickens would be allowed to come to FatherSir's retirement party at the Dogmushers' Hall.

So of course, in the Blue Truck on the way there, Narcissa and I imitated the sounds that the two current favorite hens, the Twerps, made.

Mama knew it was us after we broke down giggling, of course.
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21/4 cups of ice-water x 2.
Microwave x 2.
Thermometer x 1.
cup x 1.

Primary source of data for English class.
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Doing stuff.

Fill cup full to line. Add ice. Stir around until it's as cold as it's going to get. Make sure water is at line when you stick in microwave.

Nuked on full power 2 minutes on control (home) microwave. Checked temperature. As temp was not up to the numbered bits on the thermometer, nuked 2 more. Checked temperature. Needle setted in the 150 F marking.

Next: check school (experimental) microwave.
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For those who have just joined this channel: the State of the Lunatic Address

Arizona, at the moment.

I'm 22 years old, and the bit of my mind that governs that sort of thing keeps shouting that I'm single, even though I'm not: I'm dating the delightful and fun yaksha42 in a Secondary relationship. Oh, and I'm polyamorous, in case you hadn't guessed.

I've been keeping a journal off and on since the day the Gulf War started when I was ten, and have given it more and less of my attention since then. I think that saving records of my mental state from that time period was a good idea, as it gives me more insight to how kids think about things. It's been a little over twelve years since I first seriously started a journal that was not for my teacher but for me, and it's given me a lot to think about.

The primary thing I use journals for is memory. I have an excellently sharp memory, so much so that when I find that there are things I can't remember, I panic badly. To combat that, I leave journals as a record of what I was up to when, so I can fix my wandering memories in time, and remember that I really remember things. Most of my journals are public. Some are friends-locked, and some are private.

I live in templeravenmoon with the other local characters, most of whom get a passing mention or more every now and then. One of the things you won't likely see encouraged in here is roommate drama. If I have to vent, I tend to do it in a filtered post, or on private... and then I figure out what I need to talk about and where problems are. This wasn't always the case, but it damn well is now.

I have a lot of love, and it gets around. I'm dating yaksha42 as of December 13, but I have a crush that predates that (an LJ-crush that turned into an IRL crush when there was a meeting), and something that's gone on far too long to be just a crush. I'm in love with my best friend Darkside, and have been for the past two years. Darkside does not return my romantic interest, but I'm among his few closest friends. He knows me well enough to know that unloving him would turn me into someone he wouldn't care to be friends with, and kicks my ass for me if I attempt to forcibly unlove him, because the process also throws me into a dangerous depression. We balance well against each other, and most people who see us together mistake us for a couple.

As regards religion, "I have a good idea." There aren't very many words for the joyous and serene certainty that there's Something, and someday I might or might not understand it. Learning to speak Martian might be a good start. Meanwhile, I refer to myself as being 'vaguely eclectic Wiccan', with Chaote tendencies, and that describes it almost well enough.

I have a mother and a father and a little sister. My parents live in Alaska, where I grew up. My sister has since moved to Washington, with her good friend and former fiance. My paternal relatives (aunts, uncles, and my sole surviving grandparent) are in California; my maternal aunts are in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Alaska is Home. Phoenix is becoming home. Where my family-of-the-heart is will always be home.
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Experiment: School Microwave

Got cup full of ice water. At first, water was ~10 degrees F below target temperature; after adding more water and nuking for 15 seconds (button 1), water was within acceptable range of target temperature (slightly above).

Put in school microwave and heated for 30 seconds (button 2). Heated for 1 minute (button 4). Heated for 1 minute 30 seconds (button 5?). Tried to push button 4 again to equal 4 minutes but microwave was unresponsive. Checked water temperature: was at 200 F, which shows that this microwave is far better than your standard household microwave at heating water, given that this microwave got the temperature 50 degrees hotter on a minute less.

Buttons are less than revealing. Button 1 is labeled "1: Pastry/rolls", which means 15 seconds when you push it. The other buttons have similarly revealing titles: "2: Small Sandwich", "3: Pie/Hamburger", "4: Double Sandwich", "5: Casseroles/Soup", "6: Dinner Platter", "7: Two Large Sandwiches".
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Called Darkside's mother. Chatted. Me visiting Saturday mornings is a good idea. Call her the night before to let her know. BS'ed a bit about stuff.

Memorable moments...

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Have lately been greying out when yawning.

Loony must remember to eat soon after waking before computering, baka!
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Knowing that I am platonically loved, that I light up someone's lonely life... that's what's been getting me through these months since the end of October.

Best friends forever.
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Back entries.

"With most people, the more I get to know them, the more I shrink away from them."

There are only a very few people where I am certain that any question they ask, I will answer to the best of my ability.

Two of them are on LJ.