February 10th, 2003

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Spell-checker boo-boos from the Viking's essay

"After a writer has finished with the first draft of the writing essay, he or she reproaches it and sees it as the reader sees the work for the first time."

Naughty essay! Why won't you do as you were told!!
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Dentist Drama

Went to dentist today. Could tell it was going to be one of those days by the fact that I got 2 hours of sleep thanks to going to bed at 5 in the morning. Ooops. But it was a good discussion of Stuff. Not to mention working with the Viking on his English homework until 3, then having the damn form lose our two plus hours of work when we tried to submit it. Ooops.

Woke up too late to get shower. Ooops. Glad I got one last night.

Got there, and found that one of the assistants was out. Ooops. Poor lady sprained something. Ow.

Had to stop the drilling in order to shoot me up with more numb juice. Was able to feel the pressure of the drill on the teeth and therefore knew that when they got down to the more sensitive bits, there would be mondo painage. They gave me more nerve-knockout, and I chilled a while longer, reading When the Devil Dances. Gooood book. Then they started up again. I don't like the smell of smoke coming from my mouth, nor do I especially like the whole having to fish the fillings they dislodged (old, silver ones, removed on purpose) out of the back of my tongue. Bleh. I am evidently a patient patient. It wasn't the usual assistant: it was the secretary, who's evidently qualified, but isn't used to my mouth.

(In passing, having dental work is one of the more trust-necessary situations around. I'm glad I have a good dentist who listens.)

Looking in the mirror at the end, I pointed out the cavity on the face of one of my teeth that needed to be taken care of, and he got it right away. Then I looked into the mirror and saw a hole in one of my teeth... I pointed it out to him, and he made the "Oh, shit" noise, and proceeded to fill it. At this point, I was laughing my ass off, which is somewhat hard to do when someone's squirting blue goo into a hole in your tooth.

As if that were not enough, my debit card would not run. Grr. So we called the bank... and, of course, since it was 9 Arizona time, it was 8 Alaska time, and of course the bank was not yet open. So I shall call them when I have a moment today, and then call Stephanie in the dentist's office and she can run my number again.

Oy to the motherfuckin' vey.

Hail Eris.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Yes, dear.

'Toilet' does indeed start with T.

Thank you for sharing your most important discovery with the household in general.
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...and the painful.

Now that feeling is back in my teeth, it is revealed that the cavity on the front side of the one tooth didn't get gotten at all. *sigh*

Time for another appointment, because this one hurts.
running, bomb tech

Achey mouth

My mouth is coming to terms with the fact that someone stabbed a steel spike into it about four times, way in the back where the jaw muscle is.

It's not the places that were drilled on that hurt me afterwards. It's the injection sites. Owwwwww.

The dentist has been advised that me holding my jaw open by myself for long periods of time, especially when there's drilling going on, is a Bad Thing. I need the little rubber things to prop my mouth open. I had to ask this time. I need those. I hate being weak...
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In strict point of fact I'm an elitist snob when it comes to giving out LJ codes. I tend to only give them to people I know personally, or people who have someone to vouch for them that they are cool and will make LJ a better and more interesting place.

There are lots of LJs that I do not care to read, but I dislike the idea of giving an LJ code to someone who I very much doubt is going to write anything I would consider worth reading.
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