February 12th, 2003

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Eris is grey tortiseshell, and about six months old. She has her whole tail. She is snuggly. She has just been washed. Now that I have cleaned out the scratches with alcohol, they're not hurting.

amberite has her take on the story here.

Am tired. Must sleep soon.

Also: Darkside will never let me live the flat tires down. The tire seems fine now...
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Have been running on damn near empty.

Woke up, went to class. Did stuff around home when I got back. Oh, and found purse at school. It was a Found.

Discovered that iced chocolate slimfast with a shot of espresso and some flavor syrup is goooood.

More stuff around house, involving chaotic scheduling and house-stuff.

Went to AZ Mills mall to check out Black Market Minerals. Many shinies. Had dinner.

On way out, rolled over concrete curb surrounding tree. Crunching noise. Following that, odd smell on freeway. Pulled off into the South Side of Phoenix. Bad neighborhood. They got out and looked at the tire. votania was approached by a small grey kitten.

We took her home, after assuring that the tire was stable enough to be driving on. We fed her in the car, and then I gave her a bath. This was followed by a shower for both of us...

She is now dry, rubbing legs, and eardropped.

She and shammash will have a chance to meet in a few days.
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running, bomb tech


Much with the exhaustion and sneezing. Eris likes to sit under my chair. Left the door open last night. She and shammash were seeing how close they could get to each other without freaking themselves out.

amberite commented that shammash was behaving just like Darkside, down to the getting spiky when she got too close and he didn't have the option of running off.
running, bomb tech

In other news...

Trillian is having problems. I will be doing stuff to correct this, but meanwhile it won't be accessible for me for AIM or ICQ or IRC. That means, if you don't see me there, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just technologically inconvenienced.
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Eris likes sitting under chairs.

shammash is still not sure what to make of her. I attempt to comfort him. "I give you earscritch!" "No! You will do no such thing! I am doomed to suffer my torment alone! I'll just sit here in the doorway."

She started exploring votania, marxdarx, Little Fayoumis, and shammash's room. 'Mash preceeded her, backing up as she advanced, sidestepping and bouncing away, wanting to see what she was up to, but not quite getting nerve...
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loud fayoumis

From customers_suck...

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A Very Good Question (about shammash)

crimmycat: Quick question: why do you keep mentioning that Eris has a full tail?

Answer: Because shammash doesn't.

Both Eris and shammash came to us as strays. Eris was skulking around by a filling station in Southside Phoenix (a bad neighborhood for anyone, much less a six month girl-cat). shammash was sitting in a patch of sunlight under a bush when votania was walking somewhere. He was crying.

Eris is just skinny as hell. Someone in her past must have been nice to her, because she likes humans and snuggles up. She was dirty and still has ear mites, but is otherwise intact.

shammash had things go rougher for him. He only has half his tail. When we got him, we noticed with some horror that his tail had at some point been badly hurt, leaving him with a crooked-ended stump. It was healed when we got him, but it still bothers him when it is touched.

We're not used to cats with long tails around the house. 'Mash is very expressive with his 1/3 to 1/2 tail, though we miss the refinements that more fully-endowed cats add in their tail-language.
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Grocery store visit

I do not think that digitalambience is used to having more than one of me say confusing and silly things at him at once. amberite is fun to inadvertently tag-team with.
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