February 13th, 2003

Azzcalm, Quiet


Gave a journal code to reicheire for venetiakitty, and then added agent139 because he added me first and sounds cool (though no idea how he came across me), and added amberite' friend nalidoll because she is also cool.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Called the dentist and got everything happily squared away with accountings. Yay!

Called Darkside and asked if coming over Saturday would be of the good. Turned out to be of the impossible. He is looking for a new car on Saturday. His neck is feeling better, but still requires ice every hour. He was sounding a lot more like himself, and we wound up chatting over silliness and randomness for half an hour. Yum. Much fun. All warm.
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running, bomb tech


Something interesting, or several somethings interesting, going on, a while ago. Some random witchy-babblings on it here.
running, bomb tech

Guff, taking.

amberite did not hassle me about my eating of meat, though she is vegetarian herself. She mentioned this, and then mentioned that it was quite a bit due to her knowing that I had helped FatherSir in the butchering of chickens. I know where meat comes from, and I choose to eat it, even having seen blood and guts and a living creature turn into meat.

She will hassle people who eat meat and are totally squicked by the killing process about that. So would I.

The Intimidation Factor

Once upon a time, I had a fiancé. His name was BJ. We had just moved to Arizona so both of us could go to college. So one day, my soon-to-be best friend Darkside met my fiancé.

Now, BJ was 6'2", weighed at least 180 if not more, and was stronger than I was. (I'm evidently as strong as many men.) Darkside is a very thin computer/gaming geek, the sort that looks like he could do with being given a good square meal. Darkside is 5'7". I can lift him easily, and he claims that I am stronger than he is.

BJ mentioned something about Darkside, and casually referred to his height. I queried, and found that BJ had been left with the impression that Darkside was taller than BJ was...

Darkside's a very quiet man if he's among people he doesn't know. He also has a habit of protecting himself and his. Evidently I was enough 'his' already, on that day over two years ago, that he bluffed BJ...
running, bomb tech


Am not hearing very well. This is most likely because of Bad Things that are happening with my ears.

Every now and then, when the conditions are correct, most often when I am under some sort of unusual stress, or maybe only usual ones, my ears act up. I get horrible cases of swimmer's ear.

Mostly, that's just an aching ear that will go away by itself in a day or so. Not so with me. Ever since the summer of 1996, I have been prone to nasty cases of the ailment; the case in 1996 affected both ears, swelling the tube connecting the ear to the throat so badly that I could not close my jaw fully. (I still have lingering jaw issues dating back to this time.) The cure is prompt ear drops.

Now my ears are aching again. The ear drops are nasty. Eww. I'd better go put them in.
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Do you know what I did the other day?

I fed amberite after midnight.

And today, when it was raining elephants and bedsheets, I got her wet.
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