February 14th, 2003

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Oooh! Valentine happiness!

yaksha42, according to the LJ valentine system, wants to be my valentine and have rampant sex with me. Whee!

Also, two users who I didn't select nominated me. Whee.


Sadly, the other person whose valentine I wanted to be did not respond. *sigh* And I have no rope.
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An 'awww' moment:

'Elves have pointer ears, Hobbits big feet, have I ever told you, you're 5|_|p3|2 1337'
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high energy magic

Valentine's Day

What makes today different from all other days is that it's dedicated to the celebration of love, in whatever form.

yaksha42 and I are likely to have giggly fun today, rather than going super-mushy just because we're supposed to love each other today. We love each other far more as friends than as Serious Lovers, I think, which is excellent. (Grumble: something I was trying to do today is not being done as it ought. Grr. Damn thing.) I'm going to e-mail or call Darkside with a cheery message of some sort or other. I'm going to try to make sure my roommates know how much I care about them. I'm going to send little notes of hello to my relatives and various long-distance friends.

And just because I don't have a reciprocal Undying Love right about now, it's not meant for stress and worry and all that bad stuff.

I can be amused by blatant public displays of affection when it's clear they're heartfelt. I can be quietly appalled at the number of delightfully innovative ways that everybody and his brother's boyfriend have chosen to try and cash in on this outpouring of affection. I can sock people a good one if they take pity on me for not being with my One True Love at this point in the year.

I'm not lonely. I have friends, and I love them and they love me. So long as I don't use Valentine's Day as an excuse to think that I should have more, or different, love than I already do, everything's just fine.
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Whenever Eris steps onto the keyboard, I eject her from my lap with an angry hiss.

She's getting the idea.

She is using the scratching-board for its intended purpose.
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Ow: cats

Since we got Little Miss Lady Eris, we have had to give both the cats ear drops for ear mites. Eris puts up and yells about it; Shammash, 10 pounds of muscle and fight, has decided that he's doing no such thing.

He got his ear drops today.

First I clipped his claws. He did not like that. Then I held him down. I pinned him down under my thigh, used my hand to hold his ear open and his cheek into his mouth (so if he bit, he'd bite himself) and put the crap in his ear.

I remain unbitten, though the back of my left thigh has some nice scratches, which I washed off with alcohol.

Cats do not overly concern me. I have a high level of pain tolerance, and a history of trimming the beaks and claws of uncooperative chickens.
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Booze Pimping

The official drink of azurelunaticis vanilla coke & amaretto. Have pimped this successfully to the household of iroshi, starbrow, and mcredneck.

It is tasty and dessert-like.
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When That Idiot Shawn went on, alternately, about how it was All His Fault for being such a Bad Person (and then never took steps to change it) and how it was All My Fault for getting him in trouble, and no one would have known about what he'd done if I hadn't called attention to it... that was probably time to tell him to get buggered, and then bug out myself.

You never, ever, ever make someone better by harming them. *Harm*, not hurt. You sometimes have to hurt someone to get their attention. Then the idea is to *heal*. Not harm.

Shawn's method of helping me with my mental issues was saying, "You're so nuts." His method of helping me overcome issues of social nonadjustment was to point out the offending behavior to me, rant about how it was bad, and then not speak to me until I stopped it.


I used to cringe and hide after saying things I thought might have been Wrong to say. I don't talk about things that are close to my heart with people who are close to me, because they'll use it against me. Every time someone tells me that we need to talk, I panic and try to figure out what I said that could be loosely construed as having been Wrong, and how to justify it so that it could have been an honest mistake and not my fault, because if it was my fault I'd be ostricised.

Darkside tells me the truth. We hurt each other sometimes, and when we do, we see how we can make it better, and work on how to not do it again. We explain what we mean. If we do something stupid, yeah, we screwed the fuck up, and we're probably in trouble. And he cares about me just the same, no matter what I've done.

There were nights when I was up crying about something, terrified that I was a perpetual fuckup. Over the phone, he hugged me and held me and let me know that I was a piece of work, all right, but we're none of us perfect. And he shared his own scars. And he showed me how you can move on. And he showed me how you kick ass. And he showed me how if he is ever a bitch to me, how to kick his ass. (garnetdagger did, at one point.)

He's concerned about me if I do self-destructive things, and he gets frustrated with me -- not mad, frustrated -- if I don't stop. He reminds me that I know it's not good, so why am I doing it? He cares about me too much to see me doing bad things.

And I listen.

And I tell him to take care of himself.

And if there's anything uncomfortable we're talking about, he treats me carefully. He holds onto me, and he makes sure I'm all right, and if it hurts too much to talk about, he understands, and he lets me not talk about it. And because I know that, I can tell him anything but the things that would harm him, or the things that he's too sore to think about yet...
high energy magic

Mmm, good day.

Good coffee.

Called Darkside and left a happy-valentine message, complete with the "not doing anything that would get me punched" and offer of hugs.

He is a nice best friend.

And whee! yaksha42 came over with some interesting things. Teddy bear! Pen! TJ's gift certificate!!! A hat saying "Azz 1337"!!!!!

Fun on /.

Combing shammash has led to a removal of quite a large number of hairs that would have otherwise been shed all over things.

All in all, it's a good day, despite the sneaking suspicion that there was too much milk in something, or the reiki is purifying things in interesting ways.
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Am reading John Ringo's When the Devil Dances. There is a character who is very good at everything. Almost a super-soldier. This character is competent at any battle skill, and kicks much ass.

It would be very, very easy to dehumanize this character. They are *perfect*. Well, at combat stuff, at least.

This character also, as the price of these skills, has some severe defects. These defects make this character human. While physically perfect, this character is highly mentally imperfect.

I would even go so far as to say that this character could be reasonably brought up in a literary comparison with Lois McMaster Bujold's character Bothari from the Vorkosoverse. Both are highly physically fit and able to take care of any military situation. Neither of them are whole in the brain.

I have not read far enough to comment much further on them, but I think it would be worth a literary wanking at.
loud fayoumis

Good vibe central.

Good vibes for amberite, please.

She is currently on a road trip.

She just totalled her car.

She is OK.

She needs good vibes.
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gremliness update

She is taking the bus to the abode of nalidoll, who shall get a lift to pick her up at the bus station. At the moment, she is following her car, which is getting towed, to see to her stuff, which is in the car.

She will be in communication, and is getting a calling card for this, and is saving her cell batteries.
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Ritual Time (gremliness)

For those of you just now tuning in, amberite, who is on an extended road trip, just totalled her car. She is fine, and en route to nalidoll's.

I have a focal point for good energies to be sent to her, in case you're not really sure where to be aiming. (If you've got your own aim on her, then cool.) I have a white candle with appropriate symbols on it; it will catch incoming energies and focus them toward her.

All hail the power of witchy networking?
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The dollar store chocolate-covered cherries I bought for myself bite, despite their alcohol content.
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I have a very cute VD card from my boyfriend. It reads as follows:

Guy: "So, what's your e-mail address?"
Girl: "www.getthehellawayfrommeyoubigcreeporI'llcallthecops.com."
Guy: "Hold on... www dot get the..."
Dan wasn't used to subtle hints.

Nor, evidently, the usual format for e-mail addresses.
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Happy household


My photo of Darkside & his Hand is now happily set up on the wall behind and above my laptop's screen. Yesterday I put the photo of the Little Fayoumis when he was just a baby in a frame and put it on my wall. I found a large rectangular mirror in the recycle area last night. I cleaned it off. Something interesting should be done with it. I am still thinking as to what.


marxdarx and Little Fayoumis are teaming up on something special for votania. It is silly. Little Fayoumis got his Tekken in the morning, and is now needing speed. Much speed.


Got dishes done: yay. Got some of my bathroom cleaned out: yay. Scrubbed at bathtub: yay. Figured out how to fix the Orange Glo sprayer thing: yay. Scrubbed toilet, ditto. Have yet to clean cat box for today. Still need to vacuum. Still need to put laundry away. Still need to finish tidying up in room. Still need to fix the craft desk. Still need to finish re-arranging the house.


Have been watching what I eat and therefore dropping extra weight that had crept on. Hope to continue this trend. Am being slammed by allergies, in the sudden-attacks-of-sneezing-without-warning sense. Not good. Ears are feeling quite a bit better, but the itchy sensation inside the left ear (the problem ear) tells me that I need more eardrops being put in, which will be in a few, since I'll just lie down with When the Devil Dances.


shammash and Eris are getting along better. She has chosen to chill under the living room chest of drawers with the appliances on top. She's skinny enough to do that. She's still soooo tiny!! I gave her some catnip. She might or might not have been thrilled. shammash has been sulking, and is not asleep in his usual spot. I need to figure out what-all Eris will need in the way of vettage, and arrange that; I also need to get her a journal. <azzgrin>
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Jokes, bad.

So there's this task you were supposed to get done by 3:59. You are five minutes late. What do you call this situation?

Collapse )

Told ya it was bad.
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Insane: Those who just don't have it all together.

Outsane: Those who know they just don't have it all together and outsource their sanity.
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Valentines, non-trad

Last year for this holiday, I bought a package of hair elastics. I took markers and a sheet of printing paper and carefully drew a repeating pattern featuring the following: hearts, bombs, grenades, explosions, and dynamite. (Azz-points to those who can recognize the subtle literary reference in the decoration.)

I wrapped the hairties in the delightfully romantic paper and gave the package to the love of my life, whose hair had been subjected to an unfortunate round with the scissors some months before, and was almost long enough to be put in a ponytail again.

Most perfect valentine's day gift ever. Fuck Hallmark. Fuck the fact that he never dated me and probably never will. It was perfect. I had to point out the hearts to him, though, since he didn't see them the first go-round glancing at the wrapping paper. I didn't want to go overboard on the mushy stuff and scare him off.
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gremliness update:

IM exchange with nalidoll:

[20:09] RgaMufin: she is on her way in, and will be here in the early a.m. about 7-ish
[20:09] AzureLunatic: mkay good.
[20:10] AzureLunatic: Have candle burning.
[20:10] RgaMufin: she sounded better
[20:10] AzureLunatic: Good.
[20:11] AzureLunatic: Peoples are focusing good vibes towards her.
[20:11] RgaMufin: sounds like got most of her stuff on the bus, too.
[20:11] AzureLunatic: Good.