February 16th, 2003

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Added back ldymusyc, who is, I believe, originally of the good Academy, would now be hanging at the Grey Side. *giggle*

Sith do *not* sing karaoke. Nope. Not unless they're very, very drunk.
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Grumble, grumble, grouch.

So I wake up and find leftovers sitting out in the kitchen and living room. Cold, nasty fries with ketchup that is beginning to dry to the plate in the kitchen, and more of the same cold nasty on the baking sheet with dried ranch instead.

My grump is threefold.

First. Thou shalt put away or throw out leftovers lest they become nast.

Second. Thou shalt at least make an attempt at rinsing dishes lest they become nast, let alone not putting dishes in the sink (okay, the sink was full, but the baking tray in the living room?). (Second-and-a-half, I realize I was not keeping up my end of the dishes yesterday, however, no one else stepped in and unloaded the dish washer, even, and I put those in on Friday.)

Third. I like fries. (I do see that there is another bag of them in the (alarmingly empty) freezer.) It makes me very unhappy when I am left out of treats. I am mildly grumped when there is something good that everyone eats all gone that happens when I'm out of the house or unconscious, but that's excusable. It was good; it got eaten all gone. I am grumped with the inexcusability of it when there is something yummy that gets made when I'm out or out of it, and there would have been enough left over for me had it not been sitting out all night...

[Edit: All is good. Everybody was having a Day of Nast yesterday. Today is Bitchy Witchy Week.]
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Imagery for the morning

From calligrafiti: "...the birds are aggressively mugging my bird feeder..."

Yep. Sounds like birds to me. And, if my memories are correct, each other as well, flittering and squawking and pecking and displaying the worst violent inclinations of the species, like suburban moms in the mall on Christmas Eve.

Nature is not kind and gentle. Watch a cheetah. Look at a thunderstorm. When male birds sing in defense of their territories, understand it as an opera in a foreign language, with a translation running something like this: "Yo momma sucked my cock this morning, and if you come over here to give me any shit about it, I'm gonna kick your punk ass."

Chickens are vicious cannibals, by the way. The only thing I've come across that are more cruel than chickens are middle-school girls.
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Talked with Dawn

Dawn called, and I caught her up on how stuff is going around here. Well, almost. I got as far as Darkside's flat tire, and my phrasing wsa enough to make her start choking with laughter, probably crying, and she had to get off the phone very quickly.

Yeah, it was that funny.

It's always good to hear from her.
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Guess what week it is!

Ibuprofen city, here I come.
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When Wil Wheaton posted that he and his mom went to a protest, my mind's eye saw Gates McFadden.

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Mmm, lunch.

Lunch was much of the good: leftover sushi rice with the leftover avacado and cucumber, and then soy sauce on top of that.

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Household Stuff

  • Swept porch

  • Put away dishes

  • Did dishes

  • Cleaned cat box

  • Ground the spearmint that's been sitting on top of the fridge for months

  • Came up, with some prompting from sithjawa, with a decent comic name

  • Hung up leather trench coat

  • Made evil oregano/spearmint tea

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Fwd: Mammogram Exercises

Note: I, personally, have never had one, so I don't know how accurate this is. But Lady Malfoy was grouching to me about the process in terms firm enough to make me guess that it's close...

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Currency Exchange

Found a Canadian quarter in the laundry quarters a few days ago.

Interestingly enough, many Alaskan businesses will take Canadian coins at face value. I was surprised to hear that Lower 48 businesses don't.
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Oh gremliness...

Your spider ring and that ring with the square black stone in the center set on edge? They were on Neo's desk. Put them in a box and put the box in the bag of Stuff That Is Belong To Other People.
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My old friend from at least a lifetime ago had another baby.

She IMed me on her husband's ICQ to tell me.

A lifetime ago back home...
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I am amused by the fact that Lady Malfoy has begun to Chickabird over me as well. I believe that this is due in part to the fact that young Draco only allows a certain amount of maternal fussing. Besides, she only has the one son, and never had a girl...