February 17th, 2003


Definitions: Chickabird

Once upon a time, my family had a fluffy full-size silver-penciled Wyandotte hen named Chickabird. She grew up broody. She was always trying to hatch eggs, and got very peeved with us when we'd steal them from her. She'd growl and fuss and no one really wanted to disturb her. She'd walk around clucking broodily to herself.

One time we did let her set. Unfortunately, the eggs rotted and broke, so we had to give her a bath. She really didn't like that.

When she was upset about something, she'd make an interesting noise that we'd never heard before. It sounded like she was saying "Coove coove coove!" over and over again, loudly.

She finally did get to have chicks. Our friend had some Belgian Antwerp Quail eggs that she needed hatched, and Chickabird was the perfect hen for the job. Twerps are banties, and Check was full-sized, but that was no problem. She came out with a dozen black-and-yellow puffballs smaller than her head.

Chickabird was a conscientious and worried mother. Paranoid. Grumpy. Fearsomely careful of her babies. Our friend took Chickabird with her and raised the babies at her house. We used to tease Mama that she was growing grey feathers when she started making noises that sounded like Chickabird going off about something.
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You're about equally likely to hear, "There is no Hell", "Heaven is what you make it", "Wo bu ji dao?"*, or "I am in [Heaven/Hell] now" from me.

I have some good guesses, but no actual knowledge, for post-death experiences. So I am not an expert on them, and have a difficult time believing in anything other than reincarnation.

I do have firsthand experience with both earthly Hell and earthly Heaven. Both are a state of mind. People who are inclined to be asshats are more inclined to have the mindset that is earthly Hell. People who are inclined to be wise and good and mild (in the Kabalistic sense) are far more likely to be existing in Heaven. wiredferret tends to be heavenly-inclined.

*(Translation: I don't know)
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Happy Valentine's Day, honey!!! *giggle*
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My debit card is of the working again. I am teh rox0r.
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Poll: Movie Recommendations, Rant Forthcoming

Poll #103473 Movie Recommendations, Rant Forthcoming

Are you familiar with the Nicholas Cage movie 8mm?


With 1 being 'completely clueless' and 10 being 'very familiar', how familiar with my taste in entertainment/my kinks and squicks are you?

Mean: 3.08 Median: 2 Std. Dev 2.56

Would you recommend that I watch 8mm?


Briefly, why or why not? Continue at length in comments.

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to do:

  • Put away dishes

  • Clean Eris' litterbox

  • Clean East bathroom floor

  • put away laundry

  • do laundry

  • Light candle for Atalanta

  • Get groceries

  • Write rant on BJ/8mm

  • Play Connect 4 with Little Fay

  • Clean Room

  • Call Darkside

Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Shopping & swimming

Got the Little Fayoumis dressed at eleven. Asked him to get dressed in five minutes. He got dressed in eleven minutes, which is a good start, because it normally takes him twenty to an hour. Told him that the specific purpose of him getting dressed fast now was so that he would not have to get dressed fast later with me yelling at him to get dressed when it was time for us to go out shopping. Had to remind him several times through the process, and help with the belt, but it was altogether speedy and nice.

Went out shopping around one-ish. Reminded the Little Fayoumis about how he'd gotten dressed earlier when I asked him to, so now that it was time to leave, I didn't have to wait for him to get dressed, and we were already all ready to go.

Caught the Red Line to Metro. There was a lady on the bus who looked a little like soju, and she was talking about liberation through truth, and enlightenment through knowledge. We walked to Petsmart to get Ick medicine for Storm Blossom, Water Blossom, Preggo, and Spiderman. Quizzed Little Fayoumis on days of the week and directions. Talked about north and south and east and west and which way we were walking. Talked about how something that's right for one person isn't always right for another person with the example of shoes: how my shoes would be wrong for him because they would be too big for him and fall off, and how his shoes would be wrong for me because they would be too small, but how my shoes are right for me because they fit me, and his shoes are right for him because they fit him. Looked at fish. Looked at cats. Looked at cat climbing toys. Looked at lizards and turtles. Got ick meds.

Walked to Trader Joe's. Got interesting stuff, heavy on the chocolate. Yum chocolate. Got orange sticks and chocolate covered espresso beans and regular espresso beans for votania and some brandy beans for me, and some mint-chocolate UFO chips. Mmm yum.

Took the Red Line home. Have been reading signs and labels to Little Fayoumis, and helping him spot signs. He pointed to the Trader Joe's sign because it started with a T, and ended with an R, and the next word started with a J.

Little Fayoumis had wanted to go swimming before we set out, so after we got home and did some ritual, we changed into our swimming gear and headed for the pool. My hair's long enough to braid now. He's going to need new swimming trunks by summer. He hasn't pool shoes either, so we're going to stop by the dollar store and get some nice durable cheap-as-hell sandals. Meanwhile, I carried him.

The big pool was too cold for either of us to spend long in, so we went into the hot tub, which was a little chilly as well. We splashed around and had a lot of fun with the yellow nerf noodle things. yaksha42 waved at us on his way to work. When the Little Fay started shivering, we packed up and came back in. He got a little argumentative, but I was having none of that. He's in a warm bath now, cleaning off the chlorine and warming up. Having splasheriffic fun, too, from the sounds.

Next: Laundry, vacuuming, dinner construction, a trip to the dollar store maybe, cat-box cleaning, and fun things like that.

Yep, the Loony's back up and running.
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Went grocery shopping after the Little Fayoumis got all clean. Mild drama involving a dropped bit of cookie, which he put in his mouth, resulting in the remainder of the cookie getting thrown out. Came home, ate yummy pasta salad. Marx arrived home, and took over with bedtime.

I found some old pictures on my camera that I'd thought had gotten lost. My webcam doubles as a digital camera. Sadly, there's no way I currently know of to clear out the memory short of Windows 98... ah well.

Uploaded the photos to petridish, though.


Tiiiired Azz should be going to bed soon.