February 18th, 2003

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Am not up to dealing with certain people at the moment. Therefore the ignore button verily hath been used.
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Bad Night

The good offices of caffiene kept me restless and jumpy the whole night. amberite, I'm actively concerned for you at the moment; please get in contact.

Loud people outside at odd hours of the night.

n3m3sis42 showed up as a random character in a somewhat cyberpunk dream featuring a living enclave and ravers, of which she seemed to be one, and/or a rocketskater? Odd things with oriental import shops with bamboo and stuff?

Am still jittery. Damn coffee.

Found, after much archive-searching, the original incident that inspired yaksha42 and aina42's new userpic.
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Oooh, birthdays.

I see that chelona has a birthday tomorrow! Whee!

I see that nalidoll has her birthday on the same day that rosalynde's old friend Scotty has his. littleredhead's birthday is on the day I unhappily got my second engagement on.

doctorpepper's birthday is on the same day as Darkside's, though likely different years. snowgrouse shares Narcissa's birthday. stronae and Little Fayoumis get to party down together.

I'm being weird. Though garnetdagger is the only one on my friends list having the same birthday as I do...
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Rant On: Movie Recommendations (and people who should just be smacked)

I conducted a poll on the movie 8mm to see if people thought that I really ought to be watching it.

Unfortunately for good results, no one who is familiar with my taste in entertainment (except for me) answered the survey, as seen in figure 2, which explains the mixed bag of reasons for me to watch/not watch the movie.

Way-back background: I come from what turns out to have been one of the most conservative Conservative Quaker households you can come from where the Head of Household isn't a Luddite. So, while we never lacked for simple material comforts (warm and practical clothing, homemade food), entertainment was similarly stripped-down. Narcissa and I got dolls every Christmas, almost any electronic gadget we desired (and some we hadn't even thought of considering, such as wireless headphones), books (by the age of 16, I had over 200 Star Trek books alone, and those comprised less than a fifth of my collection), beads, yarn, fabric... but we had no TV, no VCR, we never went to the movies, and video games were unheard-of. We listened to NPR.

By the time I did start watching TV and movies, I found the earworm moment in The Wrath of Khan to be extremely squickful and disgusting, and Spock's death caused much covert sniffling and sobbing. The most violence I'd ever been exposed to had been either science fictional, or in Mercedes Lackey.

On the other hand, my exposure to Real Life Weird Shit was over and beyond most normal kids'. "Miss you guys, doing great" messages from dead friends? Sure. Spooky coincidences? Yeah. Unfortunately, I was lacking someone to grab me by the hand and show me what was safe to touch, and what I should stay the hell away from, so while all my senses were coming On, I hadn't the foggiest what to do with them...

My ex-fiance knew about all of this. He'd seen me walk out of What Lies Beneath halfway through for the excessive realism. I didn't have much of a choice in seeing Weird Shit happen. I could handle it in person. I did not have to put up with it on film. And violence? The less of that, the better. I was never inured to casual violence with cop shows and cartoons.

So we were picking out movies for the weekend. Rather, he was, and I was being the happy housewife/person with car. "Hey honey, let's rent this one!" And so we watched 8mm. Late at night. When I was sleep-deprived. When I was half-dehydrated. When Real Life was already speeding up around me to a point I almost couldn't take.

Oh, and when your girlfriend is huddled on the floor wrapped up in a blanket shivering and unable to tear her eyes from the screen, it really helps to comment darkly, at a line about snuff movies being Not At All Real And Just An Urban Legend, something to the effect of "No, they're not, and I know better," implying some form of Inside Knowledge. Truly it does.

In summary: If it has violence that you might hesitate about sharing with someone's sensitive and shy mother, DON'T SHOW IT TO ME.

I'm realizing more and more why my friends are desireous of kicking BJ's ass. His excuse? "Oh, I didn't know what the movie was about. I just saw Nicholas Cage and thought it would be a comedy."
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The White House comment line (202) 456-1111 is down because of inclement weather today.

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I amuse myself sometimes.

My vocabulary pops out of hiding at unexpected times and ambushes me. I was never inured to casual violence with cop shows and cartoons. Today was the first day I looked that up in the dictionary. It's not a word I see every day, so it surprised me when my eye caught it sitting up top of the page I'd just commented on.

I used it correctly. Of course I used it correctly. I'm just not used to hearing or reading those words anymore, so they don't come flying out my fingers half as often.

I spend these days fighting rear-guard action with the language, policing unusual words to make sure they don't stray from their accustomed meaning. I recall one amusing morning in high school, with "enthralled" as one of the vocabulary words. One of the jocks used it: "I got really drunk and enthralled all over the place."

I really need to join the PTA.
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More testing...

Poll #103883 More testing...


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Poll #103890 Testing question length

I am the one from the dark side of your dreams. I am the one, the one who hears your screams. I am the one... I am the one, I am the one, I am the one.

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Where would I go to find information on local rallies and protests against war and stuff?
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I'm too young for this...

A kid who was in elementary school with my sister, and hung out at Denny's late at night, and for crying out loud married Jeremiah and Carree...

He's dead.

Bone cancer.

I'm too young for this.
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Joanie no baka...

...I was thinking of the wrong guy. Not the one who married Jeremiah and Carree to each other, but the one who had the long debate over the concept of Divine Forgiveness Through The Grace of Christ with my ex-girlfriend...

...the one who was boggled over the concept of me understanding Christianity, yet not being a Christian...


That's why it felt wrong, impossible.

This feels more real.