February 19th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Not feeling great.

Went all hermitish.

I think danger + job stress (the one I ranted about on tightfilter) + stuff has just been catching up to me...

Cried some and vented. Discovered that I seem to be down one filling. Dammit.
loud fayoumis

Drama alert

Unless you and I have explicitly set permissions that allow you to talk about sexual things on the phone with me, making specific DEMANDS to know about me sexually when you are talking to me on the phone FOR THE FIRST TIME are NOT appreciated or allowed.

So if you have made any of these little mistakes, and I'm not talking to you all of a sudden, because I put your IM on ignore? Gee, now you know why.
running, bomb tech

*giggle* LDS calling

Hey, votania, Sister Somebody from the LDS employment office called, wanting to know if you'd gotten work. Yep. They're very proud of you. I told her "Blessed be" when saying goodbye. Waited until after hanging up to giggle like a lunatic.
running, bomb tech


votania and marxdarx are beginning to get to see how I've been all along, now that the person I usually hack stuff out with isn't going to DeVry any more.

At least every month, I have a Bad Day or two, where I cry and generally feel sorry for myself. It's not that anything specific in my life is Wrong And Needs To Be Fixed, it's just that I'm depressed and can't handle shit. Giving me an itemized plan of action on How To Fix This is not the thing to be done; it's just time to sit by me and hug me and reassure me that I'm loved and I'm going to be all right.

Because I am, the next morning. Usually.

Darkside had been doing that for me, giving me the love and hugs I needed, if not quite offered in that fashion...

Now that I don't have my regular source of support, I look far less stable...
running, bomb tech

Ahh, happiness.

Read with the Little Fayoumis. He is to the sounding-words-out phase. Happiness! Put my finals schedule into my palmtop. Put some dishes away.

I must sign up for classes.

ralmathon, who is still single, will be coming over to demon-sit. I mean, kid-sit.