February 20th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Babbled while LJ was offline...

"Cannot contact server; try again later."

That, along with "Gonads & Strife" (wheeeeeee!) have been themes tonight...

Well, in point of fact, G&S has been running through my head for the past few days (Wheeee!) because some joker posted it to House of Ill Faith, and this of course memed me with great thoroughness.

The first is because LJ is in the 'down' mode; they're having problems with stuff, and then some client or other is completely hosing them. So double plus ungood there.

Had a great time in my final instance of Systems Analysis class. Demland lectured, then shared with us a video from the textbook he'll be using for the follow-up class. (I'm tempted to take it again just to have him teach it.) (Note: Demland is not hot; he is a good teacher. I shall share the second bit of intelligence with the administration.)

The video was unremarkable but for one guy in it, who looked quite exactly like an older Darkside. I was amused.

Class got out two hours early. Told Demland he was an excellent teacher. He evidently gets this a lot.

Came home. evealone called. amberfox called by accident, with amberite as well. Then my parents called. The drama with my debit card has spread to their direction, so evidently something is up. Gods know what. Maybe related to the Visa/Mastercard crack? Who knows.

Issues of small fayoumi. He behaved mostly well for Marx, except for the part where he lied about having brushed his teeth. I'd instructed him to behave, and he mostly did... I've been having the best luck with getting him to do stuff of late. Not sure quite why.

Cats are not getting on well. 'Mash goes for her throat. Not good.
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Added back kyrielle and technoshaman. Both familiar names to me, but haven't mustered the energy to see where our points of contact are, or guess at how they wandered in. Welcome to the high-volume insanity, guys; you've caught me at a depressed moment, which means posting will jump as soon as I start feeling better...
loud fayoumis

Some mofos need a smackdown:

At 3:57 am EST on Thursday, February 20th, Admin lisa writes :
LiveJournal is currently under a Distributed Denial of Service attack, and has been since about 5:30pm PST (1:30 AM GMT) tonight. We have been working with our upstream providers (including several major backbones) to filter traffic as quickly and effectively as possible.

Due to the fact that a DDOS attack involves potentially tens of thousands of hosts all working together against a single target (in this case, us), it is extremely difficult to find one group of IP addresses to block to prevent the attack from affecting our services any further. Our upstream providers are currently filtering somewhere around 1/4 of the IPs on the internet from reaching LiveJournal. Unfortunately, these filters also block legitimate traffic from some users. When the attack has subsided we will remove the filters.

We will continue to monitor and block hosts as we gather more information regarding this attack. We seriously apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you understand we are doing everything in our power to get the site back functioning as normal.

Additionally, if you have any information as to who or what may be responsible for this attack, please email attack_info@livejournal.com.

NOBODY had better be messing with my crack like this.
running, bomb tech


Walked to pick up the Little Fayoumis from school. He made his day.
running, bomb tech

Fishtanks, Enki, Reiki, and far too much debit card drama

So my mother calls to tell me what's up with the debit card. Turns out to have been my dentist running the $860-something bill twice (Dentist, meet your right hand the secretary...) and this in turn caused all sorts of fun and drastic things like the cancellation of the checking account.

I wandered out from my room into the living room, and noticed that what I thought I'd been percieving all along had been correct: the shelf separating the kitchen and the living room was tilting dangerously, on the verge of breaking.

So there was formed an emergency bucket brigade to move the damn things FAST. Little Fayoumis mostly stayed out of the way when he was given instructions on how he could help. And he did them. His problem with getting in the way in emergencies is wanting to actively do something to help. And when he can, he does.

Enki got unplugged, as he was sitting under the counter, and was in immediate danger of having water fall upon him.

When picking up the turtle tank to move it off the counter, Marx strained his wrist, and had to be gently sat down upon the couch. I tested out my new reiki skills, and they were found to be good. Explained that I was likely not unusually good at it; it was just that it's like a DSL connection for healing energy...

Turning on Enki again proved to be a bitch. The monitor seems to be out; I cannot hear the tube turning on, though the status light says that it's getting signal from Enki. So main screen not turn on. So I waited until the DSL modem's status light had turned to solid green, and put in the password to log in to Windows. Thank gods I'm used to logging in without necessarily seeing things...



Or, we could move the damn thing somewhere that he can plug into someone else's monitor in case of needing to see him...