February 21st, 2003

running, bomb tech

In other news...

...Waiting for my schedule to be approved. This will also require some happy fun with one of the deans, as I'm trying to re-take the OOAnalysis&Design course I barely passed with a D (and I suspect Benes of inflating some points to see that I passed, which did me no favors as I didn't understand the material) (Heh, there would be a good contested-grade; I passed and I shouldn't have and I should contest it...) and that requires a human override.

If yaksha42 cannot schedule himself for fayoumis-watching, then small fayoumi can come to classes with me. It will work. And I shall be a full-time student.

Today, also, after I wake up, I get to go to a job training session for the wonderful and exciting world of home data entry.
running, bomb tech

Debit card drama (Weeeee!)

The nice, and mostly un-Sithly, secretary of the dentist called today. She recounted the conversation between her and the dentist: "You didn't!" "I did." and was generally perky, and put the refund through first thing this morning.


The strife should be about over with.
running, bomb tech

Getting to the church work on time

90: 1:10 @ dunlap; 1:17 @ sunnyslope
106: 1:27 @ sunnyslope; 2:05 @ Scottsdale
72: 2:24 @ shea; 2:35 @ Frank Lloyd Wright

Figured out that it's best to work it backward. Plan the arrival time, then see when your connection is to the bus before, and work back that way.
running, bomb tech

So, I'm off...

...to get training to join the wonderfully exciting world of home data entry.
running, bomb tech

I passed the Yuppie test

Riding on the bus home from the data entry nerve center, a random yuppie struck up a conversation with me about cellphones.

Granted, this was Scottsdale, but... still.

I *was* wearing my khakis, with two layers of black polyester top... this may have contributed.
running, bomb tech

Fic Apology Meme

Dear Spock, I know I never finished it, but sorry for making you sing that.

Dear Captain Janeway, Sorry for taking over your ship with the underdemons of a teenage girl's mind. And really sorry about that hot coffee/free fall thing. At least it will never see publication.

Dear Snape, Sorry I haven't let you get any. Also sorry about your 'condition'.

Dear Draco, I'd be more sorry about knocking you up were you not such an irritating little git.

Dear Hermione, I'm sorry you have to put up with Harry and Ron.

Dear rosalynde*, Sorry about the whole thing. You get a happy ending, though... rather, you get a chance to make your own happy ending, which is what you wanted...

running, bomb tech

The Exciting World of Home Data Entry

Much fun, yadda yadda yadda. Had to take three buses to get to the place, which is way the fuck out in Scottsdale, but fortunately close to a bus line. The closer I got, the more energeticly charged the air seemed to be. *smirk*

Noticed that I hadn't been watching the street signs as closely as I might, so I overshot my stop. Took a little stroll. Fun. Lovely weather.

Attended the training class. Much fun to be had by all. They have a huge turnaround due to the fact that people don't anticipate how much actual work is involved. In order to make $8.50/hour, you have to process one rebate claim per 36 seconds...

Got practice at the data entry thing. There were a few things from home: people in Alaska send in rebates too. *sigh* On one, I was happily entering things in away, and put in the correct area code at the prompt on the screen, only to hear my typing partner telling me that there was no phone number on this one, and where had I pulled that area code out of? Homesick Joanie.

Came home on bus. Nice co-worker gave me ride in direction of bus stop. Got on bus and had a Deep and Meaningful Conversation about cellphones with a yuppie on the bus. Gods, I love Scottsdale. I was attired in my most fetching khakis, with a black polyester 3/4 sleeve shirt, with a long black vest atop that, with the obligatory key necklace/ID necklace. I suppose I passed as a yuppie too. Gods know that I'd be going back to my roots...

Sat for some time on the bench at the bus stop waiting for the 106. Had been passing the time reading Weber/Ringo's March Upcountry on my palmtop (yummy free Baen book); it grew too dark to do that.

Came home. Noticed that the intstallation instructions on the fun & happy disks were not entirely wonderous. I suspect that I fucked up quite royally in certain places. *sigh* Such is the life of a pseudo-geek. Called Alice, the company wondergeek (I think she'll know how to help) and left a message.

Meanwhile, when I feel up to it, I'll sort the mass of envelopes into the 'containing the correct things' and the 'not containing the correct things' ... no, wait, this is one of the things where we don't have to do that. Go, me.