February 22nd, 2003

running, bomb tech


Evidently when shammash and Eris are running around and she squawks, it's her playing, not him playing too rough.

*sigh* Bitchkitties.
running, bomb tech


Must remember to always bring wrist brace with me when typing. Damn this hurts. Mineral ice, elastic bandage, rag, and wrist brace. ahh, technology.
running, bomb tech


Had an odd dream that involved Shawn. Figured this out when votania came in looking for socks, and I woke up enough to look at the pipe-structures that formed my dreams, and I saw Shawn's tag on some of them. And then there was something about riding the bus between various buildings of UAF on the upper campus, and Darkside was sort of there.

And there was a holiday celebration of sorts in my room which was somehow transplanted to the center of the grassy bit between the low building with the upper campus cafeteria and the Elvey building on the other side... and wiredferret and silmarian and Baz and Mama, FatherSir, Narcissa, Grandma, Guide Dog Aunt, and Aunt-Fayoumis...

And there was some holiday -- the Spring Equinox, and Narcissa had to remind me we were supposed to close the ceremony, and Mama had to do that since she was the oldest woman of the family and in charge, and she didn't quite know what to do. And wiredferret had another baby on the way, just barely, and Baz was crawling around, and she and I were discussing the proper applications of Christianity (as in, not over the head with a stick; I was holding her and Darkside as excellent examples). I was giving birth to an eyeball.

And then there was stuff with the bus, and it turned out that I was diabetic and had not been getting sugar like I should, and needed to take care of that, because I wound up passed out and woke up with the nice nurse lady over me telling me that I had to quit doing this or the needles would wear out and I would have to go through the hideously painful re-sharpening, re-calibrating process. And I credited Darkside with saving my ass.
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So it seems that zipcodes.exe is not needed. NICE TO KNOW THAT BEFOREHAND.
documentation, writing, quill


Wrote to Narcissa, who wrote back. This is a highly encouraging trend. Stress-vented to her about things that only someone of the fayoumis clan should know or would get.
running, bomb tech


Shawn recommends The Hutt Gambit and Walden 2.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Definite contributing factor in stuff:

When Little Fayoumis tells marxdarx that he's hungry, marxdarx quite often intends to get that done as soon as he's done with just this little bit of that so he can stop... and then he spaces it. Because he does that. I noticed that this morning.

And Little Fayoumis needs to learn to remind Marx that he was going to do this...

Meme from karlita: Attention Getters

What is the strangest/most embarrassing thing you've ever done to get someone's attention?

Fell down while walking and reading a book. On purpose. Picked myself up, said, "That'll teach me to walk and read," planted the book back in front of my face, and walked off.

I was 18 at the time, and it was to get the attention of my drunken computer science major.
running, bomb tech

Old friends...

Got an IM from Shawn today: my good old high school best friend, known for his clueless actions.

He's got a job in San Francisco, and they (he and his wife? and daughter?) went to have an interview... the interview was evidently buttkissing to make sure he took the job.

I miss him.

It's odd, how well I still get along with him, considering the damage he's done to me, heart and soul.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Darkside kicks my ass.

I love him. Love love love love love.

I finally got around to watching my Christmas present, the DVD with episodes 0-3 of X.


That man knows me. Inside and out, he knows me. He knew how much I'd love this.

He gets light and fluffy stuff like Dirty Pair for other girls. Me, he knows.
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