February 23rd, 2003

running, bomb tech

Defragging, of the literal sort

...by which I mean that votania took Red apart, took the offending CD ROM drive out, and I shook it for quite some time to remove the fragments of shattered Baldur's Gate CD.


She's putting it back together now.

I may want to stay in here.
running, bomb tech

Some things.

I am an idiot to wonder what-if at "what if I'd married Shawn".

Rose has far less of a handle on her depression than I do mine; I mostly truck along just fine but for the bad spots; she exists in a continual state of quiet meloncholy but for when the really good times are happening. Every moment she's not with both Regan and Dave, the world's not right, and she can't be settled until she's with both, and even then, there's something (someone) missing...

And she hasn't pinned it down to quite who, or what, or why, or how it's possible to miss a dead man so much.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kids and computers

When Red had the Baldur's Gate CD break in his drive this morning, votania had us herd Little Fayoumis out of the room so she could cuss at the computer. I reassured Little Fayoumis that he wasn't being punished; Mommy was just going to cuss at the computer, and we didn't want him hearing the words that she was going to be using.

He's getting the grasp of the difference between people and computers, and how you can cuss at computers and not at people. So when it was safe to come out, he looked at Red, glared, and said, "You pussy!"

[Little Fayoumis had been watching Southpark with marxdarx. Marx belatedly realized that this particular episode did too have cussing in it. Since then, we've been teaching Little Fayoumis that just as 'booty' is an OK word for pirate treasure, but it is a bad word for butt, 'pussy' is an OK word for cats, and for nothing else. It's tough going. He gets the concept, but he spaces it... ]

Explained that while he had the concept right, that you could cuss at computers but not at people, that this particular word was too bad for him to be saying. But he could use other cusswords on the computer. I proceeded to tell the computer that it had green snot coming out its nose and its ears, and furthermore, it was a poopyhead!

The Little Fayoumis thought about it for a while, and then declared, "You didn't make your day!" at Red.

Poor Red.
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running, bomb tech


Today I made meat loaf.

Marx says it looks and smells good. I've grabbed a chunk, and I was not thrilled by something-or-other. Not sure what. It's lacking something... but it's good. The gravy was too greasy. A lot of grease came out of that bloody meatloaf, and I drained most of it away. Maybe ketchup is what is lacking.

I also made hamburgers. These were good. Marx ate them, and some of the mashed potatoes I made, and when he tasted them, he realized that he was hungry, and he scarfed down his dinner. 3/4 of an onion, boiled and mashed with the potatoes, makes for much yumminess. Went a little overboard in the kitchen. Need to scrub it down tomorrow.
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For whatever reason, I still trust Shawn, in the limited fashion that it's appropriate to trust him.

Back in the day, I had a little saying: that I could trust Shawn with anything but my lunch, my calculator, and my girlfriend. Because he'd eat the first, spill it on the second, and hit on the third.

I can trust him to guard my back. garnetdagger can trust him to guard my back. Marah says that if he's on my side, he can guard my back, but we'd have to make sure that he was, first... and that's a complex process. Naomi doesn't want anything to do with him. Which is odd. But I'm supposing that she remembers what happened to Mona, and she's not about to let that happen again.
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X. Wheee! Evidently the series does not make much sense to marxdarx, and evidently not much to votania, but it makes perfect sense to me.

And I adore it.

And I adore Darkside for knowing I would adore it.

And I got to talk with sithjawa at length, after far too long not. And it was good to talk with her. And I was happy. And hugs were given and received. Mmm for hugs.

And Red was recovered.

And my wrist is not quite so much of the evil and nasty at the moment. We shall see.
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Azzcalm, Quiet


I was with someone (a princess?) and Little Fayoumis was with us, and I think he was a prince? and we had to rescue a baby from the bad guys, and it was in the hospital (but it was a gritty cyberpunk sort of post-apocalyptic scene) and we had to warm up by the fire, and someone was carrying an empty adult-sized, stained body bag for some reason... and there was a little girl with us?

And it was odd.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Ah, kids.

Little Fayoumis only ever drops his fork when he's not eating something he doesn't want to eat. This time, he polished off the meatloaf-with-cheese-melted-on-top (tricksy aunt Lunatic!!) and then asked for more cheese. Inspecting the plate, we see the mashed potatoes still there. So I point them out, with the intent of giving him more cheese if he's still hungry after those are gone.

Twenty minutes later, a dropped fork and an untouched pile of mashed potatoes.

This resulted in me telling him that I'd noticed that the only times he ever dropped his fork was when he was playing around with it instead of eating his lunch like he ought to be, and since he had been doing that, then no, no cheese after the mashed potatoes were done, and furthermore, if he dropped the next fork, he would be sent to the corner, since he knew better than to be careless like that.

While puttering around in the kitchen, I saw him waving the fork around between bites, and I called him on it, telling him that I'd noticed that when he was eating something that he was being slow about eating, he would do that, and then he would drop the fork.

And he stopped waving it around and started eating it. Without fuss or dramatics.
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Baby steps


I blame myself, harshly, when I say things to other people that I think might help, but instead causes them pain/angst, especially when I should have known better.

I feel horrible, and I feel that my face/body are incapable of expressing just how horrible I feel. There are no outward signs to mark me as the scumbag I am for being so inconsiderate...

Because I must be a scumbag, if I mean to say something that will help someone, and instead wind up saying something that makes them feel worse.
high energy magic

Yes, there is

Yes, there is green yarn tied around my wrist. No, I'm not quite sure why.

Yes, it is an Earth/Fire binding of some sort. I put it on last night while watching X.
running, bomb tech

Happy loony.

Tried calling Dawn to tell her about having to defrag the CD drive, and about X and all.


Damn, I miss Darkside... evidently he misses me too.
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yaksha42 told me about some of his grades following the CoE meetups. I walloped him with my wrist beanbag.
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(no subject)

Whee! I speak to hot guys across the country with a (former?) penchant for skull-fucking.

Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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Several things.

Cat farts are stinky.

I am finally getting around to using the censer I bought the day we met marxdarx again.

ras_sinister has a silky voice.

Gonads & Strife should not be mating with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in my head.

Ideal worlds involve Darkside petting me, me petting sithjawa, and chocolate.