February 24th, 2003

running, bomb tech


More with the pruning of the list. I don't tend to prune those I read religiously and regularly; my friends list is getting pretty insane, and I know I've been missing posts from the people I do read. I am not a devotee of the default view.

If I trimmed your journal from those I read on a regular basis, I hope you're not hurt. I do stop by my non-friended friend-of journals every now and then. If you wish to drop me, do so; if you don't, you're welcome to hang around. As it stands, I have 191 journals friended. Some of those are feeds and communities. Many of them are not.

Those who have been with me for some time will note that I don't have particularly many friends-locked entries. I've been locking some of my angst away recently, as there are some things that I'm not as comfortable with the whole world seeing, but most of my content is public.
running, bomb tech

Note for roommates:

If I'm in a mental Bad Place, and dealing with me like yea is not within your area of expertise, call iroshi, because she knows how to talk to me. Threatening to call Darkside will likely make me hide my damage enough to appear passable to anyone but him.
running, bomb tech


Wrestled with the computer and finally got the first install disk for the data entry program via e-mail, and everything all installed -- ten minutes before I had to leave to get the mail back to the place today.


So, I leave.

It's so nice, taking the bus through Scottsdale. Lots of people hate the bus, but I rather like it. Not when it's jammed and hot, but when it's cool and quiet in the spring.

It helped that I had a good book on my palmtop. Gentle, soothing motion, the sounds of an engine, and the last of March Upcountry and the start of March to the Sea.

Nothing better.
running, bomb tech

Little Fayoumis notes

Picked him up from school this morning. He was chattering happily about Molar Man, and special Molar Man toothbrush cars, and good guy snacks and bad guy snacks.

We finally got the pants back to the nurse's office. The nurse wondered if there'd been underwear to go with the pants. No, these had been mud pants.
running, bomb tech

Yummy dinner

votania had a package of meat thawing for dinner, but it wasn't quite there yet, still half-frozen. I took a look at it, and decided it was perfect for frying up my way.

Result: beef sliced thin and small, fried up with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and onion (damn, forgot the 5-spice!) and peanuts and broccoli and cauliflower over rice.

running, bomb tech


I don't like being around people I can't trust.