February 26th, 2003

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LJ deprivation sets in hard


marxdarx, votania, shammash, and I all like Dr. Who.

shammash is perched on the arm of the couch, eyes quietly glued to the screen...


Went grocery shopping. Saw digitalambience and teased the hell out of him for an hour, with the aid of two of his co-workers and a random person I don't know who also delights in teasing him. Many mentions of his notional webcam site were made, along with jokes about Larry and Sparky. A straight man saying "He's too big!" about reasons for not being interested in a guy friend don't usually interpret immediately as Larry being way overweight...


Another ddos attack on LJ. Spamwitted fuckheaded nasty pimplemouthed assbreathing sons of puffin dingoes!!

Attack of the filking

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Damn cats.

Screen door fell off again. shammash was about to make a run for it when votania got back with her laundry. Then she couldn't find Eris...

After much angst and drama, we discovered the little grey bitch camped out in my room under the overhanging bit of mattress she likes to camp under.
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Woo, community pimpage

Say hello to lmbujold, the LJ complement to the List. For those unfamiliar, that's the Official Lois McMaster Bujold Discussion List, archives at http://www.dendarii.com; I've been subscribed since 1996 or 1997, off and on nomail. You would know me as JL, shadow_rose@hotmail.com from there.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Not sinking...

When we first moved into this apartment complex, Little Fayoumis and I went swimming a lot. First he didn't know how to swim. He gradually learned.

While he was learning, though, he wasn't so good at it. He went under, once, and swallowed water. I was right next to him, and I saw him, and I yanked him right out before he had time to be more than startled and a little scared, and I made sure he was OK, and he went right back to learning how to swim, because I hadn't panicked...

I don't think he'll ever know, until he reads this, how close he came to drowning.
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And this'll be it...

Off for my final final of the tri now! Systems Analysis with Demland. And it's raining.

The only down note to this excellent day is that I didn't get through to Darkside...
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Wheee! All done! (well, almost) and housework

My duckies, all but for a few, are sitting happily in a row. I have to go in on Friday morning and fight with my schedule some more. Whee. I came in tonight after office hours for Diane M. (dean), and that means that since today is the Last Day of Registration, that funky kewl weirdness will be going down Friday morning. Which chews up that whole day.

Cleaned house some today, reinforcing votania's Shiru effect over her days off. Little Fayoumis vacuumed. These days, all you have to do is supervise him putting the plug in the wall outlet, and then give him his penny for successful work-completed when done... maybe get a few problem spots and clear off the floor... but he's getting good.

Am trying to maintain a clean sink. That gets pretty well trashed when people are home, but I can damn well try...
running, bomb tech

Family, brains

What does it say about my family when sometimes I feel like the cute but dumb one?
high energy magic


It feels like I'm meeting more of the people I'm supposed to be meeting. iroshi. sithjawa. nalidoll. amberite. And they're meeting each other, in places.

And it's Working.

What, exactly, I'm not sure. But it does.