February 27th, 2003

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Don't be surprised if there's something interesting with lots of bright light and maybe some explosions. And/or a return of the blue building...
running, bomb tech

If they were humans, they'd so be fucking...

shammash and eris_raven decided to play/fight/make out on my bed. There are things odder than the sight of two cats with their arms around each other, one on top of the other, licking and nibbling at each other's faces and necks (all without making catfight sounds, mind you)... but there are none of those here right now.

On my bed, no less...
running, bomb tech

Confusing Little Fayoumis

This morning, when marxdarx woke the Little Fayoumis up, he was good.

No crying, no fussing, and he got dressed in 25 minutes or so instead of 45.

He said he wanted to be good.


And despite some grumbliness and unhappiness over the rice/stir fry leftovers, he at it all gone (though it did take two hours), and then he got his strawberry/soda slushy dessert drink (mmm, frozen strawberries + soda + sugar... mmm) and ate pb&j with cheese on the side.

Today was a good day at school for him.
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Many, many hellos:

eris_raven, of templeravenmoon has a journal now.
gmcaddicted found me, likely through shadesong or shadesong_nexus.
jdotmi showed up from somewhere. shadesong again?
merlyn_magick, the husband of seahawk, has found both me and shammash, and may well end up following the adventures of eris_raven as well.
And then, sionainn, who has been lurking here and there, has now been pulled into at least part of the azurelunatic\iroshi nexus.

My. What a day.

Addendum: Anyone who I've friended back (not all of the above, as my friends list is getting insane at 196) is welcome to apply to join the BDSM and Witchy filters. I leave most of the BDSM stuff in the filter (not that there's much) and I generally post a reminder out of the filter when I post in the filter. Let it be known that I do not have much in the way of BDSM going on in my life. The Witchy filter is there so I won't clog up your friends list with the stuff if you're totally not interested in it if I get into a heavy bout of magicgeeking in my typical postflurries.
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For those just tuning in...

Hi. I'm azurelunatic. I was born and raised in Alaska, had an atypical childhood secluded from pop culture and raised by an artisan and a geek. My mother is a conservative with liberal values; my father is a liberal with conservative values. Think a technophilic conservative-Quaker household.

I finally got to meet large numbers of friends of similar intelligence when I attended CTY in 1994 and especially 1995. I had an interesting time in high school as Queen of the Library Monkeys, and eventually wound up in Arizona, attending DeVry.

There, I met my roommate votania and my best friend Darkside. (seahawk, merlyn_magick, these are the links you'll want to get the scoop on me and Darkside...)

After that, I did more interesting things, most of which show up in this journal.
Azzcalm, Quiet

Anybody out there?

I'm curious.

Are there other people reading me via /friendsfriends who don't regularly chime in? C'mon and show yourselves! I don't bite... hard... much...

Well, OK. But just yaksha42 and to bother digitalambience at work and when Darkside accidently sticks a finger up my nose.
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Azzcalm, Quiet


Those who know me at home have likely seen the Infamous Closet, wherein are stashed a number of items of clothing, some books, and an impressive amount of alcohol for someone who drinks, on average, once a week or less often.

Those who have seen me putting away my laundry (a fearsome process) have noticed that yes, my closet is organized. Color-coordinated, even.

I have to keep my life organized, or it falls to bits around me. amberite noticed the high degree of order in my things for someone so chaotic. It has to work that way. I'm not sure how, but it does.

Digressing from the point, though.

In the past, my closet has been organized into six sections: T-shirts with printing, T-shirts without printing, long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, pants and skirts, and Good Clothing. Each of these categories but the Good Clothing is sorted by color in rainbow order, with white by red and black by purple. (There's a lot of black.)

I've added two new categories, because I've discovered that the current divisions aren't quite all I need to sort by. A while ago, when I saw some of the good, sturdy black shirts on sale, something I already have quite a few of, all in identical states of mid-worn repair, I grabbed several, and stuck them at the far end of the Good Clothes division, for gradual replacement of the current shirts as they wear out, or if I suddenly need a shirt that isn't already half-thrashed. Now, on the T-shirts section, the newest category is Thrashed/Thrashable, for my easy-grab-on-the-fly needs when I'm putting on something to do housecleaning, so I don't inadvertently thrash another one of my shirts that is still in half-decent repair.
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