March 1st, 2003

sad, greensad

Evening, continued

Went to store and got essential stuff, like bread and milk and TP and cat food. Also got avacadoes and soda.

My debit card works.

This is a major plot point in the scheme to hit Sam's Club tomorrow with Little Fayoumis and Marx. Whee bus rides!!

In other news, my allergies are making my breathing a point open to much argument.
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Yahoo no longer knows how to find the mail page.

running, bomb tech


Yahoo now knows how to find their own mail page.
running, bomb tech


Not much of one, from my end of things. Woke up at some point in the morning and decided that I was too broken to stay awake. Did leave a message for Darkside, about the graduation. Short message. He was, of course, not there. Briefly participated in the Frantic Search for Votania's ID Badge; it was ultimately found in the dirty laundry. *facepalm* When I ask if you've checked the laundry, I mean all the laundry, not just the clean laundry... *sigh* Men.

Tried going back to bed.

Woke up around five. I'm still feeling hungover without having done anything to warrant it; welcome to the lovely world of my allergies.
sad, greensad


Still feeling like hell. The back of my throat is not happy with me. I've been feeling like I'm dehydrated all day. Not good. Yes, lots of water. And the odd bit of other things like iced tea just now, which is soothing to the poor throat. evealone taught me how to make that shit. And it's good.
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Azzcalm, Quiet

Unpleasant Tasks

Managed to clip eris_raven's claws with a minimum of damage to either of us; consequently, bathing her was less of an adventure than it was last time. And since what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, shammash got the next bath.

eris_raven tried to bite. The scruff of the neck is a wonderful invention on cats. Holding them by that is the only way to go.
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