March 4th, 2003

running, bomb tech


I suppose it might be like knowing you were born missing a limb or two. You have two arms and two legs, and so does everyone around, but you can remember what it was like to have four arms, in your dreams, and you wake up and you only have the two.

And everybody around you has no idea what you're missing...

Some days you pretend you had only two arms. No one who sees you will know the difference.

Except, maybe, some of the other people who should have had four arms see you, and maybe they say, "You know, you might be missing a limb or two; have you ever noticed that?"

And it's so obvious to you, and they point it out like it should have been obvious, and you should have seen it, only they know you might think them crazy to have said anything...
running, bomb tech

Day (so far)

Woke up at various points knowing that the alarm clock was out to get me; it was a conspiracy to keep me awake. First the guys chattering, and/or the noises, and the leaf-blowers, and the welding, and the just general thing, and the bathroom, and this and that...

...but I got sleep, and I got Little Fayoumis, and he did well in school today. So we came home and he did homework and we looked at stuff together and he got a treat and then after homework games, and after Tekken lunch with a pbj sandwich and cheese with milk, and then ice cream, and since he was still hungry another pbj with cheese sandwich this time with strawberry soda.

Growth spurt.

And I vacuumed and dishes and stuff.

So the house is all happy. And the windows are open. And Little Fayoumis had yaksha42 come over to play.

So, happiness.

I need more lunchlike stuff.

Oh, and I called Qwest and paid the phone bill since we LOST the phone bill somewhere around the house. So all shall be good.

AND I changed the vacuum cleaner bag. And cleaned the cat box.

As soon as CPG gets their crud set up, I get to start work; I'm to be answering customer service e-mails and getting paid $0.30 per e-mail. I guess this is to be more difficult than the data entry work. It may be a VPN setup; it may be something happy with SQL. I hope for the SQL, for that should not hijack my whole 'net connection.
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Joke of the Day:

yaksha42 to votania: "Have you ever heard Eminem's song 'Lose Yourself'?"

azurelunatic busts up laughing.
votania busts up laughing.

yaksha42: "Did I miss something here?"

azurelunatic falls on the floor and rolls around, still laughing.
votania falls on the couch and laughs so hard she coughs.

azurelunatic starts coughing too.

... about five minutes later...

votania: "No, I've never heard it..."

azurelunatic starts up laughing again.
votania joins her.
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