March 7th, 2003

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I do not dispute that people have a statisitcal tendency towards certain traits from their genetic, social, geographic, political, economic, et cetera, backgrounds. However, the nature of statistics is to flatten the individual out, and only measure broad trends.

While women, say, are statistically likely to display different traits than men, this does not excuse those who assume that because many, or even most, women display a certain trait, that all women will display it. This is the logical fallacy of division. Each individual must be considered with respect to their individual circumstances, regardless of the statistical properties of any broad groups this individual may happen to fall into.

Yes, I realize that it's difficult for very busy people doing a lot to think, individually, about each and every person they encounter. So?
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Friday Five

1. What was the last song you heard?
"Lose Yourself", by Eminem, on repeat. Thank you, votania... (*giggle* and we're not done teasing you yet, yaksha42!)

2. What were the last two movies you saw?
In the theatre, The Two Towers and Star Trek: Nemesis. (Note to self: must schedule appointment with Darkside for seeing X-Men 2.)
Out of the theatre: the tail end of Shrek, and parts of a Dr. Who movie.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?
Textbooks, groceries, and ... more groceries. Gosh, I lead an exciting life.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
  • Clean the catboxes (every day)

  • Digitally sign for my student loan

  • Make my bed

  • Talk to Darkside

5. Who were the last 5 people you talked to?
marxdarx, Little Fayoumis, the lady in the book store, the book store chick in the computer lab, and the morning FA for the downstairs computer labs.
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shammash and eris_raven are spending some time in separate rooms. They're not playing nicely. She keeps teasing him, and he keeps being far too rough.
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Doing Stuff

Cleaned the counters, mirrors, and sinks in both bathrooms. Washed the sliding glass doors and the windows.

Have declared that the first Friday of the month shall be New Air Freshener Day in templeravenmoon. Am using Inanna to keep track of all this stuff.

One way or another, I'm going to become a damn good housekeeper, even if it means scheduling the damn silliest little shit in my palmtop, and then adjusting each fiddly little task to fit well with my schedule.

Even though it means having things like "wash dishes" and "clean cat box" on my schedule.

This way, I can balance my housekeeping load, and get everything all done when it suits me and my schedule. I may opt to have Laundry Day be a day other than Wednesday... or not. Who knows.

All I know is, the Temple hasn't looked this nice in ages, and now it's staying that way.
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Ah, so much better.

I have constructed the chair I got at Wally's the other day. So much better than a folding chair. Just the right height.

I expect to be a very happy fayoumis.
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Went and picked up Little Fayoumis at school. The lady who walks his friend home may, in fact, be the babysitter, which would go a long way towards explaining why she would shush LF's friend and keep him on-task; I seem to recall this kid's mom being the prep we saw at the Open House, who was quite a bit younger than the lady who walks LF's friend home.

Took a nice nap. Was somewhat roused in the middle of it by votania coming in with a cup of coffee, claiming it to be "breakfast", and with hazelnut. Confirmation there, as the Happy Household candle I burned had been hazelnut.

The alarm clock did its alarm bell thing, and I had my "breakfast". This made it slightly after noon. votania had already left for work.
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Went to DeVry to get things done after slurping down my coffee. Discovered that the event for getting all my shiznit together did not start until one; decided to practice my daily short attempt at meditation in the cafeteria. When the second bell rang, I proceeded in the general direction of the labs, and got in reading a fair amount of The Honor of the Queen before the lab opened up.

Saw Slackerprep waiting there. He and I go waaay back to my first tri at DeVry; he was the leader of the nearly-doomed group he pretty much ditched, that votania and I were in with another girl. He thinks he gets on with me far better than I know I get on with him. Avoided much in the way of conversation. His patronizing attitude, as if I were his pet computer genius, irritates me.

Had a bit of fun waiting while the powers that were searched out my schedule. They had to rummage through a number of different stacks before they found it, a massive clump of papers tacked together with far too many staples. I was sent over to the computer to re-do my schedule, then to Student Finance to learn that I need to sign for my grant online, and that the amount would just cover my bills this tri at eleven credits. But oops -- I have thirteen credits now, because I couldn't take HUMN 420, and had to take CIS 365. So that means that there will be $900 uncovered. Thank you, Mama & FatherSir... I really appreciate you shoving me through college like this.

Went back to the labs and got Dean Diane M. to push my schedule through, which she did. All happiness and joy were to be mine. I headed off to print my book list, and discovered, much to my chagrin, that I hadn't printed out an extra schedule for myself. So I re-created the schedule, and printed it out. I headed off to the bookstore, grabbed my loot, started putting my classes into my palmtop, and headed for home.

I got part of the housecleaning done, got my schedule together, trimmed marxdarx's hair, got everyone except him dinner (poor guy... his eating habits boggle me) and did manage to get some lettuce in Little Fayoumis (I include it in his meat sandwiches without asking if he'd like it, and he therefore eats it). After that, I tidied the porch.

It doesn't feel like much of a day, looking back on it, but I suppose I got a lot of things done.
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In other news, CPG has yet to send me the information I need to start getting their stuff hacked upon. Perhaps I should e-mail and pester.
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Have also been reading The Most Fucked-Up Person Alive Tells All. One of the usual suspects linked to it; to access the next chapters, one changes the 01 to 02, and so forth. If you enjoy Vonnegut and/or Hunter S. Thompson, you might enjoy this; if you enjoy this and haven't heard of the other two, I direct you to your nearest library, and instruct you to go forth and read.
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So, she had him pinned down, and was vigorously licking his head and his ear. He pushed her away, and nipped at her cheek.

I laughed at them. They looked at me, with this identical "And who the hell do you think you are?" expression in their feline eyes.
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Some latent switch indicating domesticity seems to have activated, and I've been actually by-the-gods cooking over the past little while.

Tonight's dinner will be salmon, with just a little bit of lemon and dill on top, surrounded by spinach in undress greens ordering its surrender. The backup force will consist of garlic bread.

I shocked myself by casting a critcal eye at the pantry-closet and foreordaining baked potatoes tomorrow.
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