March 8th, 2003


Chicken tales: La Boca vs. the cider

FatherSir used to dump a little brewer's yeast in a jug of cider and leave it behind the stove until it got fizzy.

One day he was drinking a mug of this, and his pet hen La Boca looked interested. So he allowed her to take a sip.

She *guzzled* the stuff.

He cut her off after she'd had a few.
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An essay, entitled, "You can suck my what?" by Azure Lunatic, aged 22

MSN DSL seems to be out. Enki dials, and the response from MSN is along the lines of "What username and/or password? We ain't got that shiznit in OUR database!" and Enki gets all huffy and decides to stalk the MSN computers until they decide to give it up and let him in.

So, of course, I'm writing this from offline.

And I call up MSN with their tech support number, and I get a lady who sounds very tired and somewhat put-upon, and I describe the symptoms, and she says they've been having problems with that and they're working on it. So I make sure she can hear the smile in my voice when I ask her if it's one of those things where we basically just call back in 24 hours if it doesn't start working on its own.

Gods, I love having backup. Damn dial-up sucks the big one, but it feeds the addiction.

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The internet is fucked.

[03:10] SithJawa: Maybe the entire internet went down :D
[03:11] AzureLunatic: Heh.
[03:11] *** Error while sending IM: Service unavailable
[03:11] AzureLunatic: Um....
[03:11] *** Error while sending IM: Service unavailable
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Weird Dreams

So, there was something going on, and there was some guy, who I am almost positive was a certain famous wizard, and his little brother (who resembled yaksha42's little brother) (not sure if said famous wizard actually HAS a little brother). And there was something about an alien invasion that got thwarted because someone was awake and watching what was going on?

And then I was with Darkside, and he was slightly drunk (Darkside does not, in the waking world, consume alcohol), and I was tired and leaning towards him, and he was leaning towards me, and his eyes were shining and I think we might have kissed and he let me know how much I meant to him, and I pointed out that he didn't normally do any of this, and he pointed out that THIS was why he didn't ever drink...

And then sithjawa and I were walking down a very long corridor that had something to do with something, and we were debating whether or not we'd wind up at a concert or something; she was going, but I'd need a ride back, and I couldn't stay late, but she was going to stay late, and this was up for discussion. Deep discussion. Much discussion. And something-or-other.
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And I have to admit, in the part of the dream about Darkside, I was wishing so hard when he was admitting how he felt to me, that he wouldn't clam up about it when he was sober, but I knew he was likely to.

It just felt so safe.
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There was this island, you see. And it was going to sink, no matter what.

Some of the people Knew, beforehand, and got the hell off before or right at the eleventh hour.

Some of the people Knew, beforehand, and got their friends and loved ones and complete strangers off before or right at the eleventh hour.

Some of them were still there when midnight struck.
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The meloncholy strikes again. Not sure why I'm sad. Have a good idea of why I'm tired.

Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away... but I need to Stay Awake for some of this...
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I should call Dawn. Votania's wonderful and I love her, but we rarely get to girl-talk anymore.

I miss that.
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It seems that I've been doing a lot of housework, of late. marxdarx pointed out that perhaps the reason I was feeling this way was because it was true.

marxdarx's bank was closed, so I pulled myself out of my agorophobia with a shower, and headed to mine. I got quarters for laundry, and also picked up some turkey pepperoni and some delicious-looking beef at $1.97/lb, which, I vowed, would become beef jerky.

It's very, very tasty. It's not all the way dried yet, but it is all the way cooked, and it's delicious.

marxdarx got a craving for Star Trek, the old stuff, and so I pulled my virgin Mudd's Women out and that was good. Yay for thoughtful friends at Harvey Mudd (who still need to have their sparkly-lotion mailed).

votania returned home with some work woes. Oy fuckin' vey.

The cats are mrowling about something now. I never did call Dawn...