March 9th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Things to do:

Wash the goddamn oven mitts
Buy a rubber flogger for my stepdaughter
running, bomb tech

*giggle* I think *that's* what I caught from them...

I always used to read words properly; I could be sure that if my eyes saw it coming in, it was so.

No longer.

This time on my friends page, words jumbled themselves and became "Weirder Than Al". It was a band name. Somewhere between Weird Al and Better than Ezra.
running, bomb tech

LJ codes

Last night I got a piece of mail from someone asking for "a LiveJournal key". I responded with my usual thoughts on the matter:
So, you want an LJ code. Understandable.

I'm a finicky snobbish bitch when it comes to giving out LJ codes. Tell me about yourself and how you would contribute to making LJ an excellent place for all of us.
Delightfully, they replied with 5k of decent justification for them having an LJ; I gave them a code with happiness and blessings.

Yay for permanent accounts and having LJ codes to give out to anyone I deem worthy, with my own criteria, of having an LJ.

If you are an LJ friend, do feel free to make petitions for codes on behalf of a new project of yours, or a friend of yours who you think would make a welcome addition to LJ as a whole. I may grant them; I may not.
running, bomb tech


Work does not seem to be as ready for me as I am for them.

Tomorrow: school, work, and possibly bleeding my veins for science and love and money.
running, bomb tech


Dropping nnnslogan; not my cup of tea. Stay if you care to; go if you care to; I may drop in and say hi from time to time.