March 10th, 2003

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The Oracle error was actually my not being in the database of allowed users. Gosh. Who'd have thought?

I am now in. This promises to be a most interesting tri. I programtrance very very easily with SQL...

...gods i miss Darkside. This reminds me so much of him, because he's so excellent at database stuff, and we used to have all kinds of fun in the computer lab together. Evidently we made the whole lab more cheerful with our happiness. That makes me glad, remembering, though I do miss him horribly.
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holy shit.

votania, I know how we can fix this.

Remember the day I fell in love with Darkside?

The car accident premonition all over again. You were worried and went off to handle business. He and I joined hands and drained it.
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Geek roll... failed.

So I woke up this morning and was griping to myself about various network connections, specifically, the VPN that is STILL not working for work. (Kary from work will be calling to help me.) Words running through my head: "...and I'm barely able to get a peer vs. peer network to work..."



Says a lot about me, and about the computers in this house...
running, bomb tech

Enki is... underclocked two-bit heap of smoking circuitry, and EVIL.
running, bomb tech

Note to self:

You changed your password... you know what it is... and it is not what it was yesterday.
running, bomb tech


Welcoming tempusthales to the oddness that seems to dwell within my journal. As I find that "uproar" is a good summation of my friends page, and I am not all about the default view, I may be taking a page from iroshi's book and trimming the people on my active friends list to the must-reads.

Not particularly much is hidden behind friends filters. I do drop in to the journals of people who have me friended from time to time.