March 11th, 2003

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I love you, I miss you.

I wonder if that Name is even yours.
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I dreamed about Darkside and his older sister last night. Note that Darkside is, in the waking world, an only child... but he had an older sister and I met her when I was coming home from the library with gaming books.

She was nice. Not really in my social group, but an agreeable enough girl, and pleasant to spend time with.
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Our side of the desk...

Mr. Potter is in my basic web class. This is going to be fun. McGuirk is teaching. I have already begun to give him a hard time.
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Not a good trend

Despite my best early-morning-scurry efforts, I was late for Database.

This may be one of my struggling-classes.
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I am almost certain I had an erotic dream.

*sigh* Can I never fall that hard in absolute bedrock LUST with the available ones?
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Decided, after my much-needed nap, to go to Sam's Club. Wound up getting far too much of needed household supplies to take home on the bus, so called a taxi.
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Merry Meet on the bus

Met another pagan on the bus, Rob, who for a moment double-took as I looked far too much like his girlfriend Amber, and was wearing the same pendant that he himself has at home.

(Must all pagan chicks wear all black and be named Amber?)

We chatted about the amusing juxtaposition of two Christians and two Pagans chatting merrily away on the same bus, and I pointed out the religion of the giver of my pendant. He was happy about religious happiness and getting along.

He and his girlfriend are planning on opening a bed-and-breakfast with a pagan-themed shop. Whee! She is also a programmer. He recommended the Bent Cover.
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ralmathon will be watching Little Fayoumis tomorrow evening. No need for me to drag him with to class. Yay!
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Mmm, beef jerky.

votania is brewing some honey barbecue jerky; I will be making more of the teriyaki. Mmmyum. I got soy sauce and some more meat for that purpose.
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You know you're very tired when...

...your cat tells you to come to bed already, and you say, "Ok, ok, sweetie!" ... and then she gets up out of bed after you do, and you tell her, "Come back to bed, sweetie!" and she does, and then she busily tries to unplug your alarm clock...

Gotta love familiars.

I kicked her out of the room.
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Typical greetings

I see yaksha42. We hug. I wrinkle my nose. "Your roommates smoke!!!!"
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Mmm, dinner.

You know what I had for dinner tonight? Leftover spaghetti and

French Fries