March 12th, 2003

loud fayoumis

Dictionary time!

patriotism: noun.
1. English. "Devotion, love, for one's country and its guiding principles."
2. American. "The prejudice and discrimination aimed at those who seek to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights."
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high energy magic


Glad to know that my energy-fu is still doing its thing, even at a great distance.

But my socks are radioactive.
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Oh, that feels so much better...

I should really wind up paying my eventual employer when they let me take a few hours off to code basic and slightly complex SQL statements. It's better than bad sex, on par with mediocre sex, and leaves me as refreshed as a short nap or a good book.

By the gods, I love coding. SQL turns me on like nothing else.
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    Burns' lecture
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Burns quotes

"All SQL statements must be terminated by a semicolon. If you don't put one there and push enter, it's going to give you another command line and sit there and you'll be looking at it like it's stupid, and it'll be looking at you like you're stupid."

"...And this is a pain, I won't say where, but it's below the waist and above the knees."

"Everything I tell you is going to be the same... Except for Access."

"You don't want to just arbitrarily start dropping things all over the place."
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w00t! (And yes, ENKI is a dick.)

Finally did what I should have done from the start and put the DSL modem on Tigereye, since it was evident that Enki being a dick was part of the problem for work.

Connected to the company network... sort of.

Amusingly, my username and/or password are somewhat less than valid...
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Organization Tango

Have been dancing around the room picking up. Took a permanent marker and noted on the black shirt's tag that it is officially "Thrashed", so I won't forget and file it with the other, still good, black shirts.
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Mmmm, that was good.

Talked with Darkside. It's been far too long. We spent over an hour on the phone. We gossiped, had some really bad pun wars, and he was as edgy as usual hearing how badly I missed him.

He misses me too. He didn't say it, but I could feel it. We spent over an hour in that phone conversation... he doesn't talk that much with many people.

One of his old friends is getting married. The bachelor party's next week. He's driving the Pimpmobile, which is now his car, a hand-me-down from his mom. It'll be called the Zenmobile after he replaces the fluffy grey steering wheel cover with something more appropriate to his manly dignity (red, he said) and puts in a seat cover with the kanji for, what was it, Courage, Honor, and something else on it...

I miss him.

We chatted briefly about my boyfriend. I really don't know why that's been so much of a surprise to him. Perhaps because he's used to my romantic entanglements being dramatic, with him hearing the highlights and the lowlights on a daily basis?

I love him. I love him, I love him, I love him. I can get away with calling him "bee vomit" quite nicely.

I can feel a distance growing.

He hasn't seen some of his friends since forever. I shouldn't be jealous that he's going to try to game with them... they want him to GM. He's seen me very recently...

I still miss him.

He's to be busy this weekend. I just have to keep trying. He's not used to a friend who's stubborn as he is... he did caution me that I had to be careful about the stubbornness with things like opening doors. If I ever found one that didn't open, I could get stuck trying to open it for a lifetime...

...Neither he nor I insulted each other by pretending we didn't know what he was talking about; neither of us got further into it than the door analogy.

I miss him.

He warned me that if someone came to visit, ralmathon and I might come into fierce competition for her. I giggled about the possibility of ralmathon standing a chance against me. It's so nice to have a good gossip with my best friend...

Told him about Eris' habit of unplugging my alarm clock. Told him about the cute thing Nephew said about the Temple always being open for him. He still remembers what Nephew said about my two alarm clocks, wondering if the second one was Darkside's. That was evidently muchly embarrassing...

I don't know how long we spent trying to get off the phone with each other. Each attempt at farewell led to another round of singing or punning...

We two were always meant to be best friends.
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I like Demland.

I have him for CIS 339 on Wednesday nights. Tonight is review of the material in the last class. He has this material down cold. Benes needs to take this class from him.

I'm so very tired, and starting to get dizzy. Three hours of sleep will do that. I wonder if ralmathon went home yet. I could use a backrub.
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I was feeling bad that I had gotten very little done on the email project. I was, at last check, unable to log in...

But it looks like very few people have been able to get much done.

I can do this. Yes, I can.
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    Kompressor, "Vitamins are Good" ... in my head, + Demland.
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The change, the difference...

He's getting more self-assured, coming out of that Cancer shell some. Old friends are drifting back into touch...

...and he's telling me about it. Gods. He's letting me know what's happening in his life, with things that so do not concern me.

The old Darkside would never have done this.

He's letting me see and share the things he does in my absence.

He's going to a bachelor party. I have every confidence that I'll hear quite a bit about the experience afterwards. I am not concerned that he'd be distracted by a pretty face and stripper's body... the thought is amusing. Even having the thought in the first place was amusing.
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I love LJ as a news tool. I subscribe to communities in my areas of interest, and they point me to the interesting things, and then once I'm there, I look around, and I post my interesting things in return.

I really should make my bookmarks list public at some point. I think people on my friends list who are interested in the same things that I am, would enjoy sharing what I have for bookmarks.
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Yep, still tired.


Stomach is wondering where dinner was. Brain is telling it that it was the beef jerky I snagged out of the dryer while it was still well-done and not yet tough. Stomach is saying "Um, no."

Tired-function is wondering where bed is, and if I can still navigate there safely. Grouchy body wants backrub. Silly romantic wonders what a ring would look like on Darkside's slender pale fingers.