March 13th, 2003

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Got to bed way late last night. Am chatting with sithjawa in her in-lounge guise. Pretty Sith.

Worried, too.

Darkside always brings up the things that I need to think about, know it or not.
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class quotes

McGuirk asked the class to come up with some historical context for the internet timeline. What happened in the 60's?

According to the guy behind me, the hippies landed on the moon. Or at least thought they did...
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running, bomb tech

An offer:

If anyone wants to start an LJ kittenhate community, I have codez.
running, bomb tech

My little piece of spleen

Called the office of Florida Representative Ginny Brown-Waite at 202-225-1002 to represent my opinions.

Currently, the US Military Service determines where the bodies of dead servicepeople are buried. Evidently her thing is in support of giving the families of said people a choice in where they are buried, and government money involving the moving of said bodies would evidently not happen.

While I support families being able to choose where their dead are buried, I think any link to current events in France on this issue is moronic. And I went on record saying so.
running, bomb tech


I love doing surveys, especially for money. I did two today.

If you hang around Keenspace/Keenspot at the right times, an ad banner for Pinecone Research may show up. Clicky linky, $5 a survey.
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*sigh* Is it too flippin' much to ask that the people with rebate inquiries realize that the company processing the rebate is not necessarily the same company that offered the rebate in the first place?
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


So, I wander out of my room to find the Little Fayoumis curled up on the couch under a blanket holding on to his favorite toy gun.

I have to order him to get up and play, and then tell him that he will be allowed to go to bed one hour early, but that he will not be allowed to have a nap, because it makes him cranky in the mornings...
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There goes the evening...

Work's network seems to be down again. Tigereye isn't logging in, and I know damn well the error isn't on my end.

In the meantime, I've troubleshot the error on the network where no one was getting internet, and traced it to an IP address conflict. Only natural, as Enki used to be the master, and did not take kindly to getting told where to shove it by Tigereye, and Tigereye, for her part, was accustomed to not really taking charge. So I reassigned her the default gateway IP, and

Oh gods. Duuuuuhhhh. I just figured out the answer to Votania's question about the network and me working and all that. Dial-up. On Enki. Duh.

...then I changed Enki's final octet to 16 as punishment and commentary on his physical state. (Tarot fans, giggle here.)

So yeah. That'll work. I can just put the 56k modem that Enki used to wear back on him, and when I'm online working, I can just have the guys make Enki dial up and have them change their default gateways to ... that should work very nicely. Very nicely indeed.
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nalidoll is away from the Beast! Evidently there's some happy anonymous-comment-leaving in her journal, but hey, what's a girl going to care about that when she's free and the hell out of the way of the most pathetic luser I've heard about in a loooong time?

Drunken idiocy just does not cut it. Invasion of another's personal space just does not cut it.

Yay for Nali! Yay for Nali's new roommate! Yay for Nali's new crew of friends! Yay on general principles! Yaaaay!