March 16th, 2003

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Cats. Bath. (Yes, plural cats, singular bath. What was I, insane?)

  • Only one cat can hide behind the toilet tank at one time.

  • The larger and stronger cat will take this position.

  • Though, evidently, there was some protesting involved.

  • The smaller cat will, instead, hide in the litter box.

  • Some cats are polite and only cry while being washed.

  • Some cats try to climb the sides of the tub, your arm, or anything else they can hook their claws into.

  • Next time, trim the claws first.

  • While you are scrubbing and praising the cooperative (well, not actively resisting) cat, the other one may choose to do something like SINK HER CLAWS INTO YOUR BOOB!

  • Wet cats look very drowned.

  • Holding more than one wet cat at once is an adventure.

  • Especially if you left the towel in the other room and can't leave the very wet cats in the same room with the litter box lest they become litter-covered wet cats, looking much like a crunchy ice-cream bar dipped in nuts, only so very less tasty.

  • When you try to dry both, you dry neither, as they split and retreat at high speed.

  • Weren't you glad you wore something expendable that you could immediately take off afterwards?

running, bomb tech

Not surprisingly...

...three of the four people who have filled out the poll who think of me as Azz associate with each other offline on a regular basis.
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Late-night thoughts

I harbor the strong impression that someone could make an interesting novel out of my life. In fact, I'm sometimes suspicious that I'm in it already.

Sometimes I hope for some of those really interesting coincidences that would make sense in only the smuttiest and most clichéd of romance novels. Stuck alone together unavoidably for an extended time. Wake up together somewhat hung-over and very, very naked. Abducted, for gods' sakes, by aliens.

Sometimes I am convinced that my life is one of those novels where the literary value lies in the simultaneous beauty and angst of the piece. Then I remember the pratfalls, and decide perhaps not...

Then I wonder if the only place I'm going to get the action I want, desire, crave, is in my dreams... ...It was closer, last night. I had him in my hand. I wonder if it's actually happening, in some weird parallel universe, or if it's only in my head, if it's all only just inside my head...

And I have to wonder why I don't really want him. I think I do, but if I really truly did, wouldn't he and I be together by now? But that assumes it's all about me. I find him the most delightful instance of the things I cannot predict in the universe. I know him so well, and yet I never know what he's going to do next... he's most delightful evidence that if solipsism is correct, I have truly multiple personalities, and we're playing a great game of it... many other people I can dismiss as figments of my imagination. I cannot do so with him.

Author? Smut, please...
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My favorite Tarot deck is the Sesame Street deck.

My roommate's mother came over for 4th of July one year, and saw me absently shuffling Little Fayoumis' Sesame Street flashcards, and asked me to do a Tarot reading for her. So, I did. With the Sesame Street flashcards, since I didn't feel like getting up and getting my Tarot deck, and also because my opinion of the woman wasn't so great.

The cards drawn for a Past Present Future were "Stop", "Don't Walk", and "Up". The past: something that was so not going anywhere, a place of personal stagnation; the "Don't Walk" was the present, not going anywhere, but far more impersonal, as the Stop was a specific person holding things up, but the Don't Walk was just going nowhere... and the future was Up, things going places, and looking up from where it had been: not only not stagnation, but getting better!

Throughout this, votania's mother's eyes had been getting wider and wider. The thing she'd been thinking of was about whether or not one of votania's aunts should be going on the world tour thing she'd been planning. Said aunt had been going nowhere fast in her marriage for a long time, and had recently moved out and gotten an apartment of her own, and was still doing nothing, but was thinking of just going to see the world and get out and get something she'd always wanted to do done.

Not only proved Tarot to her, but demonstrated that someone who can interpret these things right can do it without the deck...
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Dream mage?

Interesting thought.
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I like playing with SQL. It soothes my brains.
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I'm done with my Oracle homework until I learn how to code requirements. I like this.

Now I get to make my happy html resumé.
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This Sucks Majorly.

I can't find the two Microsoft Office CDs I need to work in Access. This bites.

My time in the school computer labs is limited...


I'm very unhappy.

If anyone sees them around the Temple, they say Microsoft and they're green and white.
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Farewell, finally, to the hope of lamferretgirl resurrecting her journal from the dead.
Farewell to spacemummy, though I hope he may gather his bandages back together and undelete his journal.
Hello to grifyn, who I just added because we were spending altogether too much time badgering raaven with our comments back and forth.
Hello to popefelix, who is in both of those filters now, not that there's any action going on in them.
Hello to kingchiron, who is in that filter. Again, the sad lack of action.

I've gotta be nuts or something. Ah well, Demland tells us to read read read, and this way I'll get lots of interesting things, broaden my experience, all that.
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Mmm, pizza.

I still need to improve my crust-fu.